Monday, July 30, 2012

T-shirts for my boys

Last weekend I “discovered” some cute knits in my stash. Hidden in a box where I store all my non-quilting fabrics. As I was looking for something to do while my youngest was playing inside (outside it was pouring again) I decided to make my boys some t-shirts. I never made t-shirts before. Infact I swore never to make them garments again. Last time that was a complete disaster. I made vests that they refused to wear. My eldest eventually consented to it (some bribery might have been involved) but my youngest ran away every time I even mentioned that “cute pirate vest”. You name it. Great success.

So tees this time. And I have to admit they were fun to make and faster than I had estimated. I ripped open the seams of an old torn tee that was sligtly too small for my eldest.


Then I cut the front and back in halves to use them as templates on my folded fabrics.


I used some cuff fabric to give it a nice finish and secured the serged seams in place by stitching all around the cuffs with a triple straight stitch.


Here’s the one I made for my eldest:

Pirates Shirts Mosaic
And this is the one for my youngest:

Robots Shirt Mosaic

Infact the t-shirts are the same size so they are a bit too large for the one and a bit too small for the other… But they don’t care and I’m happy that they don’t have to be talked into wearing them…

I have been cutting into even more fabrics last friday but more about that next time.

What about you? Have your kid’s ever taken to their heels when you presented some homemade garments? Or am I the only one?!

Happy Sewing!


  1. haha! oh, yeah they sure have taken to their heels! lol :D But your guys look so happy in these. Big hit here!

  2. How cute! You did a great job with these - as is obvious by the happy looks on your boys' faces! Whoop whoop!!


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