Monday, March 14, 2016

Simple Squares - A homage to Gerhard Richter

Another quilt finish inspired by modern art. A homage to Gerhard Richter
Photograph: Graeme Robertson, found on; click image for origin and more information
The german artist (pictured above during a vernissage at Tate Modern in 2011) is considered one of the greatest artist of our time. In the 1960 and 1970 he explored abstraction using colour charts - arranged in squares or rectangles.
I loved the idea of colourful squares and when I stumbled across this notebook, I decided to make a quilt with the majority of squares in neutral colours - grey, white-ish and black.
To make things as quick and easy as possible, I used Kona Cotton Charm Packs and tried to cluster them by colours, only seperated by neutrals. So that most green hues would be close together and so on...
For the first time ever, I used a wavy stitch of my sewing machine and a walking foot. Light grey variegated Aurifil makes for a nice contrast.

Here's another close-up shot:

I used Brigitte aka Zenchic's "Reel Time Screens Ink" fabric for the backing and a scrappy grey and black binding with a triple zig zag stitch to tack it down.
I machine stitched a quilt label and sewed it down by hand, using Aurifil's variegated floss:
The quilt is meant to be used daily but I like to imagine it as a wall hanging, too.
Here's a photoshop version of my idea:
The quilt was gifted to someone special who could do with a cheer-up recently.
I might be tempted to add, that this is one of my favourite quilt finishes ever.
Thank you, Mr. Richter and for your inspiration.
Happy quilting everyone!
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