Thursday, December 29, 2016

An old friend revisited

Remember this sweet baby quilt? I made it years ago and was never able to let it go (aka give it away). But I finally found a home for it – my sister’s third baby received it for his christening.

I had to go back to fix it before wrapping and gifting, though. Back then I chose a zigzag stitch that was too narrow for the raw-edge appliqué. So the fabric began to fray after the first wash. Duh.


So I added another MUCH wider zigzag stitch to stop the fraying…

Detail of quilting_thumb[2]

… and I added the little boys name, too. Thankfully my sister and my BIL chose another short name – very sewist-friendly (o;


Here’s a full view of the fixed version. One hardly recognizes the added stitches from a distance, does one?

Theos Quilt_thumb[9]

I am happy I was finally able to let it go. Because that’s what quilts are meant for, aren’t they? To bring joy and comfort to someone we love.

Happy quilting!

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