Thursday, July 19, 2012

Space Rocket Quilt

Yesterday evening I finished a quilt for my eldest son. I made my first quilt ever for him which turned out to be too small by the time it was finally completed. One evening when I was searching the Fat Quarter Online Shop he pointed at the pictures of “Space by Makower” and  asked me to buy him “some rockets”. Secretly I bought some and I turned it into a light summer quilt. I gave it to him this morning and he is dragging it around the house ever since he came back from kindergarten. His little brother was refused to even touch it. Which provoked tears and jealous screams. I guess I will have to make another one…

For the backing I chose a stars print that I already had in my stash…

I added a little appliqued star as a quilt label…

I drew connecting stars with a water-soluble pen and FMQ the silhouettes.

Some more quilting within the appliqued rocket…

… and it was done!

Hopefully it will be used frequently… and that’s why I opted for a no-binding finish using the envelope method.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Can't blame the younger brother...It's perfect for a little boy!

  2. What an adorable quilt! So cute!

  3. I made something similar. Just one piece for the top in planets theme and a fleece piece for the back. I love the quilting you chose and all the stars!!

  4. What an adorable quilt. It will get worn out for sure! Good luck on your next one--it'll be done soon too, I'm sure!

  5. That is a very fun quilt! I bet he loves it. :)

  6. What a sweet quilt, I can see why he loves it!

  7. What more could a little boy ask for?

  8. Awesome space quilt! The FMQ stars around the rocket ship are a great idea.

  9. I think you will be making another one for sure! I love the rocket ship, it is so awesome, and your quilting is fabulous. I've never heard of the envelope method for finishing instead of binding. I'll have to look it up.

  10. Christine, that is a seriously cute quilt!! You did a great job, and it's no wonder his brother wants one!!! Whoop whoop!!


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