Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Sewing Day

Yesterday, Brigitte and I met for a Happy Sewing Day at her home. For almost 8 hours we were happily sewing away, chatting, eating icecream in the sun, enjoying a last minute BBQ and having sooooooooooooo much fun together. I explored her studio, her fabric stash, her enormous scrap collection, her longarm machine and thoroughly enjoyed a show and tell of very many finished quilts. One greater than the next.

I also met her partner in life which was quite an experience to remember: He didn’t only serve a super quick delicious meal, he made a set of acrylic templates for Brigitte (and an extra set for me!!!!!), he sharpened our rotary cutters, made delicious drinks, and… hold your breath… He even joined in in our quilt talk! He actually has a sewing machine, made several sewn gifts for his children in last couple of years, has sewn a quilt top for Brigitte that was published in a magazine!! He really supports her business wholeheartedly! How cool is that?! (I told her to keep him ;o))

Onto the sewing we managed to squeeze in:
1. I made two last-minute gifts that I’m going to show you next week.
2. I started my Summersville Quilt. More on that soon.
3. According to an urgent request, I whipped up a matching pillow for my eldest. He wanted a pillow to go with his Space Rocket Quilt.

Space Rocket Kissen vorne

I made a quick and simple envelope back.

Space Rocket Kissen hinten

Here is the Space Rocket set on his bed (I took down the framed pictures for less distraction, his bedroom walls are usually not that “naked”):

Space Rocket auf dem Bett_1_ed

So, what about you? Does your partner shows any deeper interest in your hobby? Has he actually tried sewing? Or has he even been published in a Quilting Magazine?

Just for the record: my husband hasn’t.

Happy Sewing!


  1. This was a really productiv afternoon, I'm still astonished when looking back: didn't we have fun, laughter, icecream, sun, bbc? And yet we got a sample for the seminar, two little gifts for your friends, a pillow, and two already finished quilts (as I said *lol*). Can't wait to find another day we can meet for happy sewing. And did we already tell, that the proportion of male members of our modern quilt guild tops by 33,3% ;-)?

  2. My husband is medium involved. I didn't think he was very interested, but then he bought me a quilting frame. So now I tell him more about it. I'm still not sure he's super interested, but maybe at least more than I thought.


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