Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miscellaneous gifts

I recently made some gifts that I can now share with you. There are different occasions that required some handmade gifts.

For the wedding of our friends I made a tablecloth. The bride asked for an outdoor tablecloth so I decided to use oilcloth and to add a little extra finish I added a giant ric rag all around the edges.

Tischdecke Hochzeit (2)
Tischdecke Hochzeit (1)

Next I started to prepare the 3rd birthday of our youngest son. He asked for a dragon for his birthday. I did some online research and found out that there was a Lego Duplo series of Knights and Dragons in 2004-2005. That series is out of production now (and new parts can only be found at unreasonably high prices) so I bought some small used kits.
This is the dragon (pretty big in comparison to the regular block, isn’t he – or she?!)


And as the used kits came in an ordinary box, I made this giant drawstring bag where he can store his new duplo blocks. I know, these are dinosaurs on the fabric but I did not have any dragon-y fabrics in my stash. I guess he won’t mind.

Dinosaurier Beutel

And then there were some baby gifts to do. There are three babies due any time now. I started cutting these baby hats already 3 weeks ago but only started to sew them together yesterday evening. These cute baby beanies are my go-to newborn baby gift. I used this great tutorial of Tie Dye Diva.

Baby beanies mosaic

It was good to get them finally done because this morning I was informed that my youngest cousin, a sweet little girl named Emma, was born yesterday – nearly 4 weeks early. I started making her quilt right away and am happy to inform you that the top is already finished (my boys were visiting their grandma and I was sewing like a mad woman for 6 hours). I hope to do the basting and quilting tomorrow (if the boys behave) so maybe I can show you another finish in the next couple of days.

Do you have a go-to baby gift? I’d love to know, maybe I can change my habit and mix in some other great gifts?!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow Christine you are on fire. What fabulous gifts.

    I love your go to baby gift and must remember this. Mine would have to be an embroidered taggie comforter.

  2. What was the main idea of these gifts? Can you explain some more about it?


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