Monday, July 30, 2012

T-shirts for my boys

Last weekend I “discovered” some cute knits in my stash. Hidden in a box where I store all my non-quilting fabrics. As I was looking for something to do while my youngest was playing inside (outside it was pouring again) I decided to make my boys some t-shirts. I never made t-shirts before. Infact I swore never to make them garments again. Last time that was a complete disaster. I made vests that they refused to wear. My eldest eventually consented to it (some bribery might have been involved) but my youngest ran away every time I even mentioned that “cute pirate vest”. You name it. Great success.

So tees this time. And I have to admit they were fun to make and faster than I had estimated. I ripped open the seams of an old torn tee that was sligtly too small for my eldest.


Then I cut the front and back in halves to use them as templates on my folded fabrics.


I used some cuff fabric to give it a nice finish and secured the serged seams in place by stitching all around the cuffs with a triple straight stitch.


Here’s the one I made for my eldest:

Pirates Shirts Mosaic
And this is the one for my youngest:

Robots Shirt Mosaic

Infact the t-shirts are the same size so they are a bit too large for the one and a bit too small for the other… But they don’t care and I’m happy that they don’t have to be talked into wearing them…

I have been cutting into even more fabrics last friday but more about that next time.

What about you? Have your kid’s ever taken to their heels when you presented some homemade garments? Or am I the only one?!

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Sewing Day

Yesterday, Brigitte and I met for a Happy Sewing Day at her home. For almost 8 hours we were happily sewing away, chatting, eating icecream in the sun, enjoying a last minute BBQ and having sooooooooooooo much fun together. I explored her studio, her fabric stash, her enormous scrap collection, her longarm machine and thoroughly enjoyed a show and tell of very many finished quilts. One greater than the next.

I also met her partner in life which was quite an experience to remember: He didn’t only serve a super quick delicious meal, he made a set of acrylic templates for Brigitte (and an extra set for me!!!!!), he sharpened our rotary cutters, made delicious drinks, and… hold your breath… He even joined in in our quilt talk! He actually has a sewing machine, made several sewn gifts for his children in last couple of years, has sewn a quilt top for Brigitte that was published in a magazine!! He really supports her business wholeheartedly! How cool is that?! (I told her to keep him ;o))

Onto the sewing we managed to squeeze in:
1. I made two last-minute gifts that I’m going to show you next week.
2. I started my Summersville Quilt. More on that soon.
3. According to an urgent request, I whipped up a matching pillow for my eldest. He wanted a pillow to go with his Space Rocket Quilt.

Space Rocket Kissen vorne

I made a quick and simple envelope back.

Space Rocket Kissen hinten

Here is the Space Rocket set on his bed (I took down the framed pictures for less distraction, his bedroom walls are usually not that “naked”):

Space Rocket auf dem Bett_1_ed

So, what about you? Does your partner shows any deeper interest in your hobby? Has he actually tried sewing? Or has he even been published in a Quilting Magazine?

Just for the record: my husband hasn’t.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Improv w.i.p.

I started working on a first christmas gift. It is never too early to start, is it?! Sometimes I see something that fits someone’s style but by the time I need a gift for that person I have already forgotten about it because I didn’t take notes when inspiration struck. So that’s why I started right away last night when the idea crossed my mind.

I did some improv block following this tutorial of Elizabeth Hartman. For obvious reason I can’t show you too many details but here’s what I’m working on:

Christmas w.i.p (2)_ed

And here’s a close-up. I love love love these fabrics that I found at a local fabrics-and-notions-thrift-store. It is also great for a backing because it has a width of 2,40 metres. It is 100% cotton and from Turkey. It says “MODEV Lux Ranforce Carsaf” on the selvage.

Have you already started your christmas sewing? Do you write down ideas for gifts?

Happy Sewing (for Christmas)!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Space Rocket Quilt

Yesterday evening I finished a quilt for my eldest son. I made my first quilt ever for him which turned out to be too small by the time it was finally completed. One evening when I was searching the Fat Quarter Online Shop he pointed at the pictures of “Space by Makower” and  asked me to buy him “some rockets”. Secretly I bought some and I turned it into a light summer quilt. I gave it to him this morning and he is dragging it around the house ever since he came back from kindergarten. His little brother was refused to even touch it. Which provoked tears and jealous screams. I guess I will have to make another one…

For the backing I chose a stars print that I already had in my stash…

I added a little appliqued star as a quilt label…

I drew connecting stars with a water-soluble pen and FMQ the silhouettes.

Some more quilting within the appliqued rocket…

… and it was done!

Hopefully it will be used frequently… and that’s why I opted for a no-binding finish using the envelope method.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We just founded...

... our own local Modern Quilt Guild!!! Yay!

Before Brigitte headed off to Spring Quilt Market in Kansas this year, we jokingly talked about founding a local Modern Quilt Guild. After some weeks of consideration, we decided to give it a try.We thought that even if we should stay on our own for months and months we wouldn't mind as two is still better than one :o) 

Brigitte is the only other quilter I know that lives in my area and it is great to share some quilt talk. And what is even better: I enjoy our "non-quilt" talk as well! She turns out to be a really great person in addition to being a great quilter and designer. 

So be warned: I'm going to share more of the Modern Quilt Guild Bielefeld on this blog in future :o) I'm hoping for little bees and swaps and Sewing Retreats!!!


Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Working on my FQSR Jelly Roll (Race) Quilt

As I didn’t finish my Jelly Roll (Race) Quilt at the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat in London, I am still working on it in between other projects. Here is what I did so far:

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Salt Air vor Planung

I did some planning in Photoshop and this is what I want it to look like in the end. I bought some pure off-white linen that is going to be my background fabric.

Jelly Roll Race Quilt Salt Air Planung

Now I need to do some maths to figure out how wide the inner background border has to be…

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fabric Basket

A quick finish and a great project for beginners: 

I made a fabric basket with a great fabric that is due to hit the shops in August. It's Juggling Summer of Moda Designer Brigitte Heitland (Zen Chic). She happens to live around the corner and she is an incredibly nice person.

I needed a gift for someone with a creamy-white kitchen who uses terracotta for decoration. After some consideration about placemats, coasters and mug rugs, I came back to one of my favourite  go-to gift: a fabric basket. Simple, easy and quick. I took lots of photos so watch this site for another tutorial :o)

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gift for a giant

Today I'm going to share a summer sewing project, a "sewing for guys" project, and a gift idea. Three in one.

Some weeks ago our friend turned 30 and received a barbecue grill from his girlfriend. He said kind of jokingly that he still needed an apron for the next BBQ. So I took his measurements as I was not able to just copy my apron - Did I mention he is 2,06 metres tall?!

His birthday party was yesterday evening so guess what we gave him as his gift...

Yep. A special BBQ Starter Kit

... including giant BBQ gloves...

... and the giant apron! 

You can't see the proportions in this photo but when I wear it, the hem is halfway down my calves...

As he is a fan of soccer, I was quite happy to find the footie-fabric in my local fabric store :o)

If I can convince him, I'll get you a photo of the "giant-with-apron-in-action" next time we're over for a BBQ Evening.

Happy Sewing!
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