Friday, June 8, 2012

Quilt Cars 'n Dots

I finished this Babyquilt today...

When I started out with these fabrics (Ann Kelle and some dots from my local fabric store with no credits on the selvages), I  just wanted to make a patchwork quilt. No sashing, no borders. But IMO it looked too busy.

I sliced some of the dotty squares and framed them wonkily in white.

Huh. Still not happy.

Next I decided to give it a little more structure. I opted for regular layout instead of random. Better now.

I added a pieced backing... with leftover squares from the top. (I will one day do this one again - and use it as a top... like it veeeeeeeeeeery much...)

And free motion quilted some squares and rectangles...

Today, I added a srappy binding (with leftovers from the top). I attached the 2,5" binding to the front, folded it over to the back and used a decorative (circle) stitch of my sewing machine to finish the binding (stitching from the front side). 

What I liked best about making this quilt is that I made parts of it "open air": The first warm days at the beginning of May were turned into an "Ironing Outdoors Event"...

 ...and a really hot Whitsun made me take outdoors my sewing machine for the first time ever to FMQ on the porch. I actually finished FMQ on two quilts that day :o) 

Usually I don't even dare to sew when the kids are home. But give them some water to play with in the garden and they are happy and let me have my way all day long :o))) Yayyy!

And as this one didn't turn out the way I had planned it (all Patchwork), I guess I will have to re-add a "real Patchwork Quilt" to my to do list.

Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. Christine, I Love your quilt. The cars are so adorable. My next quilt purchase is going to include orange dots. Orange just may be my new favorite color. Love your quilt!!!

  2. Hi Christine...third time's the charm! I love that you kept making adjustments until you were happy with it. It looks great! How delightful to sew outside - I've never thought of that!!

  3. Lovely quilt Christine! Well done persevering and tweaking, it was so worth it! Great to meet you!

  4. It is such a cute quilt! With such a fun story! I've thought about quilting outside but always shrugged it off since it seems like a lot of work to move everything. Maybe in a year or two though when my son needs supervision but not a playmate.

  5. I would love to go outdoors and work....your results and decisions were right on the money!

  6. It's an adorable quilt, and I really appreciate you showing your "process"! Love the wonky blocks in the border, too. Whoop whoop!!


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