Monday, June 11, 2012

To do: mending my boys' jeans

Some rather less exciting sewing...
I procrastinated mending my boys' jeans for some weeks months now but they have more jeans with holes now than without :o) 
Look at that pile of torn jeans... 

Is it Murphy's Law that ALL Pants are torn at the right leg only?!

I started sorting them according to the way I'll use them: Some are going to get patches, others are going to be turned into shorts. I wondered if I should do a little tutorial about how I make my own patches and how I mend the jeans ?! What do you think?! Perhaps a bilingual tutorial this time ?!

I'm going to shoot tons of photos during the process, then let's see when I will have time enough to turn them into a coherend tutorial :o)

Happy sewing!


  1. I'm in mending month too. :( and I've love a son is only 5 months, but before long I expect he'll be getting tons of holes.

  2. Willkommen im Club, bei mir sind da auch so ein paar Jeans ueberfaellig. Eine hat schon mal abgeschnittene Hosenbeine, hurray! Vielleicht werden die noch diesen Sommer umgenaeht. Ansonsten habe ich eine gute Chance gleich die Abkuerzung ueber die Brockensammlung zu nehmen...


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