Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Page: Tutorials

See that new button at the top right?
I added a new page for my tutorials :o)

Ha! After some online research, I was able to put the tutorials up as Google Docs and create a photo link.
Not a big deal for all you "sewing and blogging and html professionals" out there, but I'm quite proud that I figured it out. And thanks to all techies who share their knowledge so generously!

We're going on a short trip (one week) to the sea, so it might be a bit silent around here for a while. I'm glad I finished off the jeans last week so the boys can wear them at the beach. And I even managed to turn my previous posts on that topic into a coherent tutorial:

Keep your fingers crossed for lots of sunshine, please!
The German Sea is not known for steady and excellent weather :o/

Happy Sewing!

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