Thursday, August 30, 2012

More handmade gifts…

Tomorrow my youngest will receive a little kitchen as a gift from his grandma. He turned 3 two days ago and he had a small party with three little guys from his kindergarten (and his older brother of course). Shame on me, I realized when they were gone home that I did not even take one photo of the whole fun. Blank pages in his photobook. Aaaah stupid me. Does that happen to you or am I the only  one?!

But onto the sewing part of that kitchen gift.
I quickly decided that a kitchen calls for an apron:

Mosaic Schürze 1 Kopie

And another one for his older brother:

Mosaic Schürze 2

And some accessories like pot holders, oven gloves and dish towels.

Mosaic Accessories

All made from Metro Market by Monaluna from Robert Kaufman.

I’m nervous to see if they like them or think that they are too girly…
What do you think? Acceptable for little boys (3 and 4 years old)?!

Happy sewing!


  1. lol, I made exactly the same ones for my two when they had kitchens, they still use them now when we're cooking, although they need about 6 inches adding to the length lol... they are great, love the gloves and definitely boy like :)

  2. Oh yes, definitely boy friendly. My 3yr old is obsessed with my oven gloves. I really should make him some of his own. I am hoping that all the interest he has in cooking and housework doesn't disappear when he hits his teen years!

  3. This fabric line is so great, I love what you made with it. This week I burned my finger because of a hole in my ugly store bought oven mitten and wondered why I have yet to make one.

  4. I think they're great!! Whoop whoop for you - you done good, mom!!


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