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Monday, August 19, 2013

Sewing Room Update

During the last weeks we made more improvements downstairs (in my sewing room).

I made a Design Wall out of one left-over woodden panel and some flannel. Yay!
Here you can see it covered with blocks from our “Sew-Euro-bee-an” online bee.

DSC_0193 Kopie

I still owe you a picture of my FMQ Setup. It is sooooooo much easier to quilt on a built-in sewing machine than on the small extension-table that I used before. Thank you again, Dad, for building this table!!!


Oh, and did I mention that my husband gave me a giant cutting mat for my cutting table as a birthday present? It is custom made so it covers the top completely.

Cutting table with cutting mat

The centimetre grid ends at 145 cm!!!

cutting mat

But the most important thing and the best decision ever-ever-ever is this addition:

sewing room rumax

We moved in an old table and two IKEA chairs and most of our boys’ creative stuff. This decision was made after they “accidentially” coloured our sofa with their felt-tip markers. I made room on the shelves for their crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils, stencils, stamps, small scissors, colouring books, blank and coloured sheets of paper, decorative-hole-punchers and of course for their perler beads.


Somehow my boys love perler beads. Our youngest (who BTW turns 4 next week) is so proud when he covered a “mould” entirely with beads. And above you can see our eldest (almost 6 yrs) who loves to invent new forms and shapes.

Together we regularly (almost daily!) spend an hour or two crafting downstairs. I really enjoy watching their progress and sharing my passion for crafts with them.

The downside is that the craft room is so much messier now (at least I can now pretend that it’s the boys who make it messy… ehem)…

Malstunde 3

When I our eldest turns 6 in October I plan to give him his first sewing book. I showed him how to hand sew a little felt bunny this easter and he was quite keen to try it again. With the long winter months ahead I thought it might be a good idea to revisit hand stitching. I thought I’d give him “Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make”. Any objections or better ideas? I’d love to hear what you think about sewing books for kids.

Happy crafting everyone (o:

P.S. If you came over from Ellison Lane Quilts and her “Studio Spotlight”, here are two more photos of my sewing room to give you a better idea.
And you can find even more photos here…

Thanks for visiting!

Sewing Table

Fabric shelves

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Optimism – A finished Quilt

If you have been following my blog for the last few weeks, you know that I had a hard time at my real-life-job recently. Fate had struck my dear colleague with a nasty blow. He was absent several weeks and will have to undergo medical treatment for some weeks.

To cheer him and his family up, I made him a quilt. A Plus Quilt has been on my to-sew-list for quite some time now and I think this was the right occasion to make one. I associate many positive meanings to plusses – and that’s what it was all about: to send positive vibes and thoughts to my colleague and his wife.

Optimismus Top

Amazingly, I pulled all these grey, green, white and black fabrics from my stash (mostly comma and curious nature with some architexture and backyard baby mixed in). As I was in a hurry to get the quilt finished, I used rectangles and squares to speed up the piecing.

Optimismus Back

I meant to use one solid piece of fabric for the backing but discovered too late, that the intended piece was too small. I ended up piecing the backing and I am glad I did. IMHO I think it looks splendid.

Optimismus Quilting

Here’s to my new sewing machine! I managed to quilt straight lines without any problems. Thanks to the adjustable foot pressure of my new machine. I quilted two vertical lines and one horizontal line…

Optimismus Binding

… and bound the quilt with my favourite COMMA. I attached it with my sewing machine, using my usual zigzag stitch.

I really love this rather manly quilt and am happy to report that my colleague wrote me a super-nice-thank-you-note stating that he loves the quilt and that his wife wants to learn how to sew now (o:

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bus-y Words - A quilt for my Dad.

My dad turned 60 a month ago. Around christmas I decided to make him a quilt. The inspiration for that quilt was obvious. My dad loves his old Volkswagen Bus. A Limited Edition Bus. In 1992, VW offered 2500 Busses in two colour ways: red and blue. Many owners of those “Last Limited Edition” Busses meet regularly. It’s kind of a fanclub that you can only be part of if you own one of those 2500 busses. Here’s a photo of their meeting 2006 in Berlin:

Or 2011 in Prutz, Austria:

He is kind of crazy when it comes to his Bus.
So this blue Volkswagen Bus was the theme for his birthday quilt. I needed a proper sketch of his bus so I could trace it onto fabric. I found a technical drawing online:

Bulli Skizze

The only thing I had to re-design were the alloy rims, as he had soon decided that the original ones were too small (o: I searched for a photo of his bus to trace his light-alloy rims:


Then I started fusing fabric on double sided fusible web, tracing, cutting, sewing and applique-ing.

Papas Quilt Bulli

The next thing was the Limited Number. VW produced 2.500 Busses for this Last Limited Edition. Here is the number of my Dad’s Bus and the special sign for this Edition:

Papas Quilt (1) Papas Quilt

And this was the worst part: Cutting all these tiny letters and numbers…

Snipping away

And then I had to fuse the letters to the background and attach them with a zigzag stitch.

Papas Quilt Applique

Here is “his” number: 134:

Papas Quilt Limited Number

And without further ado, here comes the quilt I made for my Dad’s 60th Birthday:

Papas Quilt Outdoor

This is a close up of all the appliqued parts.

Papas Quilt Close Up

It took some time to get this amout of applique done and the best was yet to come! I tried some new free motion quilting! Instead of making a label on the back, I wrote the entire message all over the quilt top! It is hard to see but the entire background is quilted with words. To make it visible I used the flash of my camera:

Papas Quilt FMQ before washing

To spread the words evenly over the quilt it took lots of planing and preparations and I ended up pre-marking the words.

Papas Quilt Detail of FMQ and Binding

Above you can see the pre-wash state with the chalk-marked letters.
And below you see the post-washed state.

Papas Quilt Quilting after washing

In case you wondered WHAT I wrote all over the quilttop: A congratulation to his birthday, an enumeration of all the ways he used his VW Bus (shuttle for kids and their friends, bus for our athletics’ group, camper, wedding-“carriage” at my sister’s wedding,etc.), and an enumeration of all the countries he visited with his bus (most parts of Europe) and of all the places he visited with his the “fanclub” (and my faithful mother).

I attached the binding with my preferred triple zig zag stitch and squeezed in my nametag:

Papas Quilt Binding and tag

The backing is made of the same fabric as the background of the top – and the same as I used for my mother’s quilt. So when they are folded up they look identically.

All that applique-ing and marking and quilting took very long but it was easy to persevere as I was sure I had chosen the right gift and was looking forward to his joy in receiving it.

However, I didn’t finish it in time for his 60th birthday, I was 3 days late. But as his party was sadly cancelled due to the severe and high-feverish influenza he had caught, nobody noticed. When they returned from their holidays, I drove over with the kids and I gave him his quilt. And I’m happy to report that he really liked it and stated that he’d probably never get a better gift than this quilt.

The end (o:
Happy Quilting everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gift revelation

Some weeks ago I have shown you this quilted panel but could not reveal the completed project.

Handschuh für Brigitte Patchwork panel

Infact, I made two of them:

Handschuh für Brigitte wip 1

Here they are cut to shape… No more clues needed, I guess (o;

Handschuh für Brigitte wip

And this is the finished gift: A BBQ Glove for my friend Brigitte made from some scraps and a mini charm pack of COMMA and bound in a dark grey cotton print.

Handschuh für Brigitte

This is the end of my non-official COMMA series – I promise to turn to other projects for some weeks. But I will get back to this fabric line sooner or later – it is my absolute favourite and I can’t wait to get my hand on larger pieces (o:

Hoping to get back to you soon,
all theses christmassy preperations just beat me up…

Friday, November 2, 2012

It might end in addiction

I made more bags and fabric baskets.
It might seriously become an addiction.

Some of these days, I found myself going to work with my lunchbox in my hands. The next day, I took some yoghurt and fruits and was juggling them to work. Why had I never made a lunch bag for myself? It was due time to sew one.

Say lunch bag. Think Ayumi.
I downloaded her fabulous tutorial and after having cut all my pieces when the kids were playing together, I sewed it up in one evening.


Lunchbag (16)


Lunchbag (4)

And Back:

Lunchbag (1)

The lining is a piece of a coated and washable tablecloth I once bought in a dollar store. I forgot to take a photo but it isn’t worth seeing anyhow.

I kind of messed up the second seam at the top but I’m too lazy to unpick the stitches. I like it anyway. I like the fabrics and the size is perfect. I’m going to take it proudly with me to the office (o:

And then I made another fabric basket for my friend (infact I promised to make her one 1,5 years ago). I learned the hard way that it is better to stick to the instructions of the tutorial. Even if it is your own. There was a lot of unpicking and swearing involved )o:

Birgits Korb (6)

But it turned out great and very fall-ish.

Enjoy your Friday!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Quilt for Craft Book Month

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

Oh yes, I do love craft books. And there’s one that I bought just because I liked the cover and wanted to know what’s more inside ;o) And I wasn’t disappointed.


Jessica Levitt’s Modern Mix is all about combining your favourite prints with solids. So much inspiration! And in May I really made the cover quilt ;o)

Quilt Zoology Circles_ed

Although I must confess that I changed the pattern a bit. It called for turn-under edges for the circles and I used raw edge appliqué instead. And I changed the dimensions according to my needs (baby quilt). I used Ann Kelle’s Urban Zoologie (again) and used my GO! Baby Circle Cutting Die. I had quite a hard time deciding on the background colour as Kelle’s colours are so bright and vibrant and I didn’t want to steal their show. But I am sooooooo pleased with how it turned out in the end!

I free motion quilted circles in different sizes all over the quilt – but behold! I cheated again – I was afraid of messing up the bigger ones so I traced around some large round objects (mostly lids) and quilted the shapes afterwards.

Quilt Zoology Circles FMQ_ed

The only frustration is that I chose a zigzag stitch that is too narrow. Some circles start fraying and might be torn off entirely so I will have to secure them with additional stitches. Oh well.

You can find my initial post with more photos here. I’m going to link up to Craftbuds, you might want to hop over and have a look at what smarter people have come up with ;o)

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More handmade gifts…

Tomorrow my youngest will receive a little kitchen as a gift from his grandma. He turned 3 two days ago and he had a small party with three little guys from his kindergarten (and his older brother of course). Shame on me, I realized when they were gone home that I did not even take one photo of the whole fun. Blank pages in his photobook. Aaaah stupid me. Does that happen to you or am I the only  one?!

But onto the sewing part of that kitchen gift.
I quickly decided that a kitchen calls for an apron:

Mosaic Schürze 1 Kopie

And another one for his older brother:

Mosaic Schürze 2

And some accessories like pot holders, oven gloves and dish towels.

Mosaic Accessories

All made from Metro Market by Monaluna from Robert Kaufman.

I’m nervous to see if they like them or think that they are too girly…
What do you think? Acceptable for little boys (3 and 4 years old)?!

Happy sewing!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Miscellaneous gifts

I recently made some gifts that I can now share with you. There are different occasions that required some handmade gifts.

For the wedding of our friends I made a tablecloth. The bride asked for an outdoor tablecloth so I decided to use oilcloth and to add a little extra finish I added a giant ric rag all around the edges.

Tischdecke Hochzeit (2)
Tischdecke Hochzeit (1)

Next I started to prepare the 3rd birthday of our youngest son. He asked for a dragon for his birthday. I did some online research and found out that there was a Lego Duplo series of Knights and Dragons in 2004-2005. That series is out of production now (and new parts can only be found at unreasonably high prices) so I bought some small used kits.
This is the dragon (pretty big in comparison to the regular block, isn’t he – or she?!)


And as the used kits came in an ordinary box, I made this giant drawstring bag where he can store his new duplo blocks. I know, these are dinosaurs on the fabric but I did not have any dragon-y fabrics in my stash. I guess he won’t mind.

Dinosaurier Beutel

And then there were some baby gifts to do. There are three babies due any time now. I started cutting these baby hats already 3 weeks ago but only started to sew them together yesterday evening. These cute baby beanies are my go-to newborn baby gift. I used this great tutorial of Tie Dye Diva.

Baby beanies mosaic

It was good to get them finally done because this morning I was informed that my youngest cousin, a sweet little girl named Emma, was born yesterday – nearly 4 weeks early. I started making her quilt right away and am happy to inform you that the top is already finished (my boys were visiting their grandma and I was sewing like a mad woman for 6 hours). I hope to do the basting and quilting tomorrow (if the boys behave) so maybe I can show you another finish in the next couple of days.

Do you have a go-to baby gift? I’d love to know, maybe I can change my habit and mix in some other great gifts?!

Happy Sewing!
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