Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Preparing for London

I'm preparing for my trip to the Fat Quarterly Sewing Retreat in London! I am still wondering at how on earth I put up the courage to buy the ticket when I know no one there?! I'm nervous and excited and can't stop telling everyone I meet. My colleagues at work and even (some) friends and family already think I'm crazy... and this feeling still encreased when I was showing them my most recent "preparation":

Don't you think that's appropriate for Jubilee Sewing Weekend?!

Happy Sewing


  1. They are sublime!

    Its going to be so much fun.

    We nearly know each other ;0)

  2. You will be right at home at Jubilee weekend with those fab shoes! You'll probably want the hat and flags next, lol! And you do 'know' me a bit now, so come say hello if I don't spot you!

  3. Thank you Ladies! Yes, I do promise to stalk you two :o) And I'm sure you'll recognize me, I added the union jack scarf to my outfit. Not kidding. Seriously!


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