Friday, May 18, 2012

Deep breath. First blogpost. Ever.

So I finally do what I never thought I'd do. 
I'm starting my own blog. 

For about 15 months I'm "stalking" other Quilting and Sewing Bloggers: reading blogs, following free tutorials, using free patterns, adding my flickr photos to their Linky Parties and so on. And it feels a bit selfish that I often benefit from their knowledge, experience and ideas without sharing my own. A bite like always TAKING without GIVING something back. Therefore I plan to write my own free tutorials (one day sooner or later) and I want to be able to give proper credit for the free tutorials I used and link back to all my "shining blogging idols" out there :o)

I'd be happy if you like what you find on my blog and that someday a sewing/ quilting beginner can profit from the little things I'm sharing here.

Happy sewing!

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