Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There’s something I didn’t tell you…

Last spring, Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic had mentioned that she had to sew 6 quilts for Spring Quilt Market within 2 weeks. As she only lives 20 Minutes from my home, I offered my help (kind of expecting that she would graciously decline seeing that I told her that I had only started quilting some months ago. And am self-taught/ internet taught.) BUT she accepted. I made a quilt top for her and she quilted it on her longarm maschine. Fun! Fun! Fun!

We met twice during these two weeks and we dreamed of founding a local Modern Quilt Guilt. We met again when all that Quilt Market Stress was over and then again and again and again. We have become good friends and founded Modern Quilt Guilt Bielefeld.

Much of this is already known to those who follow my blog for some months but I think I have never shown you the quilt top I made from her debut fabric line for moda: Juggling Summer.


A picture from the work in process:


And a photo of the finished flimsy:


And this is the cover she made for her pattern: Isn’t it great how her quilting really matches the design?! And the composition of her cover adds such a modern touch to the quilt!

Jelly Belly Quilt

The pattern is super easy – even for beginners like me. Well explained and easy to follow. I had no problems whatsoever understanding her directions.

It was so much fun to help making something that traveled to Quilt Market while I was staying home, that I offered my help for Fall Quilt Market again. Tomorrow I’m going to show you the flimsy I made for Houston.

Happy Quilting!


  1. ohhh that's so gorgeous and really bold with the orange...how proud are you and your family :) wow congratulations, surely you need a visit to quilt market next year lol

  2. I have some of this fabric, 2 charm packs and I want to buy some solid fabric to go with it, could you give me some suggestions? grecomara at gmail dot com

  3. Wow, what a striking quilt. So now you're really famous!

  4. Wow, that is completely fantastic.
    The fabric and quilt are gorgeous.
    Will that quilt be coming to live with you now?
    Congratulations - Quilt Market maker.

  5. Have fun sewing those fabulous quilts! I'm sure there will be more ; ) great job on this.


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