Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Bags

Halloween Bags on Fence

There is no Halloween tradition in Germany, and there are no trick-or-treat walks. So I didn’t have to sew costumes for this event (o:. However we do celebrate Saint Martin on November, 11th when the kids carry their lanterns from house to house and sing and get some sweets.

Yesterday we were invited to a small Halloween party at our friend’s little arbour in the woods. They made a super tasty pumpkin soup and we went out for a nightwalk in the woods for 45 minutes. We were curious to see how our boys would like it – if they would be frightened in the pitch dark. But to our surprise (and slight disappointment) they were holding tight to their torch lights and were chatting ceaselessly. Neither afraid when we had to climb over logs nor when they had to crawl underneath a fence. They didn’t mind giant spiders nor a frog that came hopping through the leaves. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves anyway – that is until our youngest was too tired to walk and we had to carry him in turns. AH!

I made two fabric baskets and matching totes as gifts for our hosts:

Halloween baskets ohne Taschen (1)

Halloween pink sw mit taschen (1)

When we headed home to put our boys to bed (completely exhausted btw.) our friends had more guests for the night. I had made more treat bags for them all and stuffed them with sweets:

Halloween Bags Mosaic

Hope you had a jolly Halloween!


  1. Great bags! And lucky you! We have the trick and treat walks every year. Last year we could not open the door and we got raw eggs at our house! Not very nice....

  2. Cute bags, I lived in Germany as a kid and my favorite tradition was the shoe outside the door on Dec. 6. I want to continue this tradition for my kids and may start this year.

    1. don't forget to teach them to clean their shoes on the 5th ... no clean shoes no treat ...

  3. Great bags and baskets.
    Sounds like lots of fun.

  4. Very cute bags, such lovely fabric. Most people dont celebrate halloween here in Australia but the children from my son's class did have a get together at our local park (because it is summer it was still daylight) in the early evening and did managed to get some lollies!

  5. I live in the US and my kids love Halloween. The costumes, the trick-or-treating and the HUGE piles of candy :-). Your bags are adorable, what wonderful fabrics you were able to find!

  6. Love your Halloween bags, I voted for you!

  7. Adorable bags and baskets.

  8. Hi ?
    Ich habe gerade meine Stimme für deine Halloweenkörbe abgegeben, ich finde sie sehr schön! Good luck!


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