Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilted Christmas Pillow Cover

I finished my Christmas Pillow Cover that I started during our last Modern Quilt Guild Bielefeld meeting. Every 4 or 5 weeks we meet for an entire day to sew together. Each time we have a different workshop for the first 2 or 3 hours and afterwards there’s free sewing and chatting time. Last meeting’s topic was christmas paper piecing.

Using this free tutorial each of us made a wonky star block. I turned mine into a pillow cover for christmas.

Quilted Christmas Cussion closeup

I used some off-white linnen as the background and a deep orange for the star.
I quilted around that star with matching orange thread using a triple straight stitch. Then I changed threads and quilted stars on the background with matching thread using my walking foot.

Quilted Christmas Cussion Quilting (1)

Those stars are connected at some edges so I didn’t have to break thread.

Quilted Christmas Cussion Quilting (2)

For the backing I used a matching cotton fabric as I didn’t have enough linnen left.

Quilted Christmas Cussion zipper (1)

I added a covered zipper that turned out much better than I would have dreamed. Seeing that I kind of made it up myself. Trial and error. This time without the error part (o:

Quilted Christmas Cussion zipper (2)

I really love that little cussion. It does not scream “CHRISTMAS” at me every time I look at it and it matches our sofa beautifully. First christmas object that matches that deep orange. I’d never buy that sofa again though. It is too hard to find matching decoration. Aaah! With my Kona Colour Card on hand I might now be able to sew up more matching decoration. If ever I find time enough to sew for myself.

Quilted Christmas Cussion

I tend to sew for others rather than for myself. Do you, too?

I fully intend to change that. I made a start with this cussion and my lunch bag. Now I still need two or three throw quilts. But that may take some time… I think I’ll ask the Sew-Euro-Bee-an Ladies to help me with that.

Have a nice week!


  1. Looks perfect on the couch. Lovely quilting too.

  2. I also sew mainly for others. My solution: online quilting bees. I sew for others, and they sew for me, I don't feel like I'm being selfish and yet still get something for myself.

  3. Lovely cushion! I like things that are christmassy but don't shout at you. You could easily keep that cushion out all year.
    I used to sew for others but am now very selfish and have started making things just for me :-)

  4. I keep saying ill do more for myself, but I feel obliged to finish everyone else's first!

  5. Love the idea of sewing all day every four or five weeks, especially if you do a little project together, what fun!

  6. This cushion looks great! The pattern is also perfect for a table topper. I think that could be the next project only for me. But then I would have to be really strict about children who do not care about stains on table decoration...

  7. Love it Christine - and it looks just perfect on your sofa!.


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