Thursday, November 15, 2012

The bright side of a sickly child…

This morning I received a call from our kindergarten. My youngest had been sick during breakfast. Aaaah! In those moments a film starts before my inner eye. “Child throws up on his clothes. On me. In the car. Special food for some days. He’ll pass the virus to his brother. And his father. And me. The weekend ahead will be spoiled.” Oh my. Do you know these “films”?

Luckily I have reason to hope that it won’t turn out that bad. He was lively and cheerful when I picked him up and he was eager to get home to play. I guess he just tried to swallow too much of his breakfast and I hope that it’s not a virus after all.

However I had to return from work immediately and have some hours at home that I wouldn’t have had normally. So while he is playing with his Lego Duplo I can finally show you some things I made during the last weeks but never blogged about them.

First up are the blocks I made for Lush when it was her month in our Sew-Euro-Bee-an group in Oktober.

Oktober Block for Sew-euro-bee-an

And then I made some easy keyfobs for my friend’s birthday. She had asked for one some months ago and I had almost forgotten about it. I made them when I visited my parents and now my mother wants one as well (o: Can you hear a christmas jingle ?!


But the project that was most fun to make is Elizabeth Hartman’s Quilted Panel Technique. I first tried it on a little sample I prepared for Saturday’s Modern Quilt Guilt Bielefeld Meeting. I will turn it into a small birthday gift. Here is my panel sample and I’m going to show you the gift next week when it is safe to fully reveal it:

Handschuh für Brigitte Patchwork panel

I used Brigitte’s fabrics again and will definitely have to stock up on her black, grey, yellow and white prints. Oh those barcodes and commas!!!

I had so much fun playing with Elizabeth’s technique that I made two other projects using it (christmas and birthday presents) and have started two more. (Needless to say that I won’t get my Finish-A-long list done this quarter (o: Too many temptations along the way…)

So much for my miscellaneous projects that are worth showing.
Have a nice week!

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  1. I really love this line. We are getting it into our local shoppe. Yay!


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