Monday, November 12, 2012


I made more t-shirts for my boys. The ones I made some months ago were a huge success and are used quite often. Although I made them for my youngest they are worn by my eldest. They are a tight fit but as he is quite thin they look great on him. I am eyeing Rae’s Flashback skinny t-shirt pattern for a while and I think I should give it a try some time soon (when my handmade christmas items are done…).

I told my sons that they could choose the knits for their shirts and this is what we bought at our local fabric store.

Stripes and a badge for my eldest:

Maximilians T-Shirt_bearbeitet

Cars for my youngest:

Ruperts T-Shirt

Have you ever shrieked with excitement when you found something beautiful in a store?! I did. When I saw this:

Patchwork Winterjacke 2

A patchwork-y winter jacket for my eldest. (THE perfect design of my next quilt.) Don’t you just love it? I do. And what is best: he does as well (o:

Have a nice week!


  1. Wow I am impressed.
    I keep trying my hand at children's clothes and they turn out so badly.
    Love that jacket too. What a find.

  2. Ooh.. Love that jacket.. would make a great quilt... Lets see what you come up with...
    Those T shirts are super... great job.


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