Monday, August 19, 2013

Sewing Room Update

During the last weeks we made more improvements downstairs (in my sewing room).

I made a Design Wall out of one left-over woodden panel and some flannel. Yay!
Here you can see it covered with blocks from our “Sew-Euro-bee-an” online bee.

DSC_0193 Kopie

I still owe you a picture of my FMQ Setup. It is sooooooo much easier to quilt on a built-in sewing machine than on the small extension-table that I used before. Thank you again, Dad, for building this table!!!


Oh, and did I mention that my husband gave me a giant cutting mat for my cutting table as a birthday present? It is custom made so it covers the top completely.

Cutting table with cutting mat

The centimetre grid ends at 145 cm!!!

cutting mat

But the most important thing and the best decision ever-ever-ever is this addition:

sewing room rumax

We moved in an old table and two IKEA chairs and most of our boys’ creative stuff. This decision was made after they “accidentially” coloured our sofa with their felt-tip markers. I made room on the shelves for their crayons, felt-tip pens, pencils, stencils, stamps, small scissors, colouring books, blank and coloured sheets of paper, decorative-hole-punchers and of course for their perler beads.


Somehow my boys love perler beads. Our youngest (who BTW turns 4 next week) is so proud when he covered a “mould” entirely with beads. And above you can see our eldest (almost 6 yrs) who loves to invent new forms and shapes.

Together we regularly (almost daily!) spend an hour or two crafting downstairs. I really enjoy watching their progress and sharing my passion for crafts with them.

The downside is that the craft room is so much messier now (at least I can now pretend that it’s the boys who make it messy… ehem)…

Malstunde 3

When I our eldest turns 6 in October I plan to give him his first sewing book. I showed him how to hand sew a little felt bunny this easter and he was quite keen to try it again. With the long winter months ahead I thought it might be a good idea to revisit hand stitching. I thought I’d give him “Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make”. Any objections or better ideas? I’d love to hear what you think about sewing books for kids.

Happy crafting everyone (o:

P.S. If you came over from Ellison Lane Quilts and her “Studio Spotlight”, here are two more photos of my sewing room to give you a better idea.
And you can find even more photos here…

Thanks for visiting!

Sewing Table

Fabric shelves


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous room. Love the layout and the space - and the wee table for your boys is a great idea. Its always nice to keep an eye on the wee ones. My daughter regularly pinches fabric and curls up in a corner of the sewing room to play :)

  2. Wow, you have a gorgeous room, and sooo tidy! I have sewing room envy!

  3. I forgot to say how cool your quilt looks. I admit I couldn't imagine what it would look like!

  4. I love your room! I keep looking at your sewing tables. They look like Ikea tables but they have drops for the machines. Can you tell me did you add the drops (or lifts) or is this a different table. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      thanks for you visit. I'll try to answer your questions regarding the tables.

      The drop down is a stationary drop down, no lift. The table is self-built by using a kitchen counter and some cheap legs.

      1. Cut the holes
      There was a cutting-service at our local DIY store and we had them cut the exact holes. The holes have been cut a wee bit smaller than the covers. (You can buy the plastic covers custom made for your sewing machine (mine was made by a manufacturer of drop-down tables - they also offer single plastic covers)).

      2. Attach the bottom plate
      We then screwed small wooden blocks under the table (right outside the holes) and afterwards screwed a rather thick panel of wood to the wooden blocks. Done :o)

      Now I simply place the machine on the wooden panel, plug it and place the plastic cover around it to close the hole.

      Do you want me to shoot some close-ups? Just let me know if I can help in any other way.

      Best regards

  5. Your space looks so full of light and openness. Very nice.

  6. Oh wow, you have a superb craft room, and I think it was a brilliant idea to have your boys come down there too!!
    I am also curious how your Dad handled the drop-down of the machine? Hugs

  7. Christine it's awesome, love the table for the children too.

  8. Fabulous space! It's so organized and I love that the boys have their own area and things to keep them busy. Here's a suggestion that turns your artist into a designer: pull a picture from an art project and enlarge. Trace the artwork onto felt for him to cut out. Then help him to hand stitch the felt onto a large contrasting felt square. Use the square to make a drawing booklet by adding a few sheets of plain copy paper and another square for the back, and stitch everything together on your machine. (The stitching perforates the paper so it's easy to tear out.) Enjoy!

  9. Wow, der Quilt sieht ja jetzt schon unglaublich toll aus!!! Ein echter Knaller!


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