Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sewing for boys – a picture post

I am still here! I was MIA here lately (again) but have been sewing lots of clothes during this last winter.

This is a picture post about some of the apparel I made for my sons, nephews, and godsons. Some pieces were gifted before I took time to take a photo…

Many pairs of trousers, this is about half of the lot I made.

IMG_9802  IMG_9797

IMG_9759  IMG_9741

IMG_9784  IMG_9460 

And then T-Shirts, short and longsleved. Here are two of them. I love sewing according to the boys interests.

IMG_9752 IMG_9794

And then I made two jackets for my youngest.

One outdoor version that is made from a softshell fabric he chose at our local fabric store. I doubted his choice at first but am now in love with his new jacket. He wears it every day and is very proud that he helped making it.


Rupi zeichnet das Schnittmuster ab

Rupi näht

This is the indoor version, made from a blue and white/grey knit fabric. I made visible seams with my new Bernina Coverlock machine.

Rupi knit sweater

And then little boy chose this sheep-fabric for another sweater. It turned out too large for him so now big boy gets to wear it first…

Rupis Schafe

This was the boys’ lot. See you soon with the clothes I made for the girls in our family!

Do you have a great pattern for boys’ apparel that you can recommend?

Keep Sewing and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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