Monday, September 23, 2013

Benzine and Adrenaline

This is completely off-topic but it was so exciting that I have to share what I did this weekend.

We left the boys with their grandparents and my husband took me to Hockenheim Racetrack. On Sunday we watched the International German Superbike Championship and on Monday he attended a racetrack training:


And then something incredible happend. I was asked if I wanted to be passenger on a BMW S1000RR. I did not even hesitate when I heard who was going to be “my” driver: former MotoGP Professional Jürgen Fuchs.

Next thing I know is this:


I borrowed a racing suit…


Jürgen explained where to place my feet, hands, butt and head (o:


and we were off…


I can’t even beginn to describe how it feels to accelerate on a 200hp machine to >200 km/h and  to come back right the next moment to 1st gear for a hairpin turn.


Let’s just say the acceleration is the fun part…


… And the throttle caused sore muscles even after only three turns.
I’d do it again anyway – as long as it is a professional driver who knows how to handle passengers (o:

Result of the day:


So many new things learned and a memorable experience won.
Thank you BMW Motorsport Crew!!!

Sorry if I bored you, I just couldn’t resist sharing this impressive adventure.


  1. I am impressed, no one ever could bring me on a machine like this, respect!

  2. Wow, you are so brave. I would do it in a car, but not on a bike.

  3. Amazing story and fabulous pictures. You are a real speed demon, LOL!
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