Monday, October 7, 2013

The Yellow Lessons Learned Quilt

I recently finished another quilt. A quilt that is definitely not one of my favourites. But I learned a lesson or two making it.

I started out with some improv blocks I made about 1,5 years ago. Then we had an improv class during our MQG Bielefeld meeting last year. I neither liked the improv cutting nor the colors.

Freestyle block (1)

I decided to combine them with a rich and saturated yellow – now was better – but still not exactly my cuppa.

I had that quilt top sitting around for a year or so before I started basting it. And it would have stayed in that state had I not needed my basting needles for another quilt. I started quilting “Atomic Squares” on the yellow background. This design is one of my favourites from the book “Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters”.

Quilting Detail Boxes

When I returned from London, I had learned so many new FMQ designs in Trudi’s Class that I decided to use this un-loved quilt as a Free Motion Practice Quilt and to try different FMQ designs in different areas:


Yellow Improv Quilt Quilting Big L

Wavy lines and shells and clam shells…

Yellow Improv Quilt Quilting Shells

A giant flower…

Yellow Improv Quilt Quilting Centre Flower

A feather, some swirls

Yellow Improv Quilt Quilting Feather

…and some petals and leaves…

Yellow Improv Quilt Quilting Petals

I used a white binding and my favourite zig zag finish.

Yellow Improv Quilt outtake

I liked the “Atomic Squares” best and will definitely use that design again. I did not mark the fabric, I used some seams as guidelines and had a small ruler at hand to doublecheck the size of the squares from time to time.

Yellow Improv Quilt1 Kopie

I forgot to take a photo of the backing, it is pieced using leftovers from the top.

All in all, it is a fun little quilt, I am glad I finished it at all.

Besides the technical lessons I learned (improv cutting and piecing, colour combination, FMQ designs, etc.), I learned something more: perseverance (I finished it after all) and acceptance of imperfection (I forced myself to NOT rip out those ugly stitches).

Oh and by the way, I learned to NOT quilt so close to the edge of the quilt that half the stitches are buried underneath the binding ):

Many lessons learned – even if the result will never be a favourite. Because most of all, I learned that improv is not my cup of tea at all. Give me squares and rectangles and circles and triangles. But no more improvisional cutting and peicing, please…

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  1. Your quilting is lovely Christine and you now have a bright cheerful quilt, so great results all round!

  2. Your quilting is amazing and really brought the quilt to life. I think it looks wonderful.

  3. I love it! And what a great idea to use it to try all the fun fmq designs.


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