Monday, September 16, 2013

Bits and pieces

Somehow my sewing creativity is still in vacation mode. I may have left it here:


I don’t feel like starting a new quilt. I made some totes instead.
Six of those gift bags and two of those robot totes for kindergarten.

The bags are fully lined and I used some ric rac to add an extra little something.


I did some secret sewing for Brigitte (following her pattern, no creativity needed).

Then the fabrics for Annabella’s month (August) of Sew-Euro-Bee-an arrived (after they were returned once because the postman was unable to find us. Stupid fellow…). She chose a Churn Dash Block and sent out two colourful prints and some low volume bits for the background. My first Churn Dash Blocks ever and certainly not the last!

Thanks for sending out the fabrics again, Annabella! I loved making your blocks!!!

August Blocks

And about a week ago, Brigitte let us have a go at her longarm machine. You can read more about that MQGB adventure here.

Look at their faces… can you guess what my first stitches looked like ?! FMQ on a longarm is soooooooo difficult IMHO. Moving the machine instead of the fabric feels weird and the handles are soooooo far away from the needle.

Longarm fun

So, not much creativity over here. I hope that I get back into the mood soon. I have not been reading blogs much and perhaps I get tempted by some eye candy when I resume my daily blog-reading routine?!

Hoping I am not the only one who feels uninspired somt times… Are you?

Have a great new week!


  1. Don´t worry about a non-quilting time. It is the same with work-out of the serious sportsmen. Without the right breaks they can never bring their best performance. The right breaks are always an important part. That´s why I never worry about such an uninspired time. Afterwards you will be full of energy. We can bet about that ;)

  2. I've heard of so any people this summer losing their mojo. I've been ok sewing, but struggled with blogging? Must be the weather?

  3. I think it's quite normal to have a hiatus like this. You seem to have done a fair bit of sewing for someone who has lost her sewjo! I'm sure you'll be back in full swing with something gorgeous before too long.


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