Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another quilted patchwork panel project

Confession: I’m addicted to quilted patchwork panel projects. I tried Elizabeth Hartman’s technique once (about 6 weeks ago) and made around 10 projects since (most of them are Santa’s Secrets for some more days…)

Here’s one I made for myself. (Btw. one of those things I want to do next year is to do more “selfish-sewing” – sewing for myself and my family).

When I saw Rachael’s blogpost about her craft book project, I knew I had to make a bath mat for our own bathroom. The bathroom is grey and white and I used red as the only other colour (for towels, paintings, kleenex box covers, etc.).

This is my quilted patchwork panel bath mat:


Once again finished with my favourite triple zig zag stitch:

Badematte (3)

Thank you very much, Elizabeth, for your great tutorial! I love my new addiction (o:

Happy Quilting everyone.
I hope you’ll all have a joyful christmas time!



  1. Oh what agree tides. I too intend to make more things for ourselves - when I've finished everything I have promised! By the way I have mad your children's play mat/ bags for my friends to kids. I have photos, but haven't had time to post them. They are great - thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Very Pretty and so modern looking, can I ask what you used for the bottom of the bath mat?


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