Sunday, December 30, 2012

Icky and sticky.

Please tell me that those of you with small children also know this sight:

Servietten dreckige Glser

My children (3 and 5 years old) seem to be unable to use paper napkins. Infact I am afraid that they are unable to use any kind of napkins. Their glasses are frightfully icky and sticky when they are done with their meals. Paper napkins often made the whole “wipe your mouth before you drink” affair worse because they were soon torn into pieces and the prettier paper napkins were kept as treasures instead of using them (o:

Solution: Fabric napkins. I used some light boy-ish prints and backed them with cotton chenille. I was happy to use some of my favourite backyard baby fabrics

Servietten von oben

I made a whole bunch of them and am delighted to report that they are loved and get lots of use. They even quarrel about their favourites.

Servietten mit Rupert

Above is my youngest with the enourmous stack of fabric napkins.

Serviette Fisch eingedeckt

And here you can see my favourite fish fabric napkin with our kiddo’s cutlery and cup (btw. how many unbreakable cups did your kids break?!).

Hoping for less icky and sticky meals from here on out (o:
Happy Sewing!


  1. Ahh yes, I know the sticky glasses problem, at school here, they have to have fabric napkins supplied by the parents and washed each week, sent back on a Monday. Luckily I always prepare two of the same ones, embroider names on so I've got clean ones without stressing about washing on a Friday. A great idea for little ones is to sew some elastic on, that way they can pop them over their heads like bibs and don't get dinner down their tops :O)

  2. Great idea. They will feel so grown up ; )

  3. Super Idee! Meine Mädels sind genauso alt und die Gläser sehen genauso aus... Ran an den Stoff!


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