Thursday, December 27, 2012

bright-eyed boys

I hope you had a merry and very happy christmas with all your dearest ones.

Our kids were beyond excited. Christkind (the holy Christ child) came on Christmas Eve (as it is usual in most parts of Europe) right after we returned from church. Oh those nervous screams and squeaks and giggles. And their bright eyes! They behaved beautifully and unwrapped their gifts in turns without interrupting each other. They were asked to pay attention when it was someone else’s turn to unwrap a gift and they played along quite nice.


He unwrapped some long black lego sticks and immediately started constructing…


My youngest with his favourite gift: a Lego Duplo Pirates’ Sailing Ship:


And here are some fabric baskets I made for my sister:


There are several other gifts I made for friends that I did not meet yet so the revelation will have to wait some more days.

We had to go back to work today so the christmassy feeling is already gone – but the kids are playing enthusiastically with their new toys. I had managed to get all the laundry done right before christmas so I can now relax a bit while my boys are building knights’ castles…

Oh and did I mention that Christkind (aka my dad) promised to build me a drop-in sewing table?! And my husband consented to remove the giant sofa from my sewing room in the basement – I will have lots of additional sewing space pretty soon!!

Bright-eyed me (o:

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