Saturday, February 13, 2016

Quilts for brothers (2)

Here's the second quilt I made for the boys: another strip quilt, this time with 60° triangles.
Once I had all those triangles cut and sorted, I pondered about the layout. On the left you can see monochromatic spiderwebs, on the right I layed out multichromatic spiderwebs.
I liked the multichromatic version better so I started sewing those webs together: I had to use tons of starch to get acceptable results.
Like the first quilt I made for the boys, I only quilted within the white strips. This time choosing a single, simple quilt design, because I thought things were already varied enough. So, simple steep loops, many "l"s was all I quilted in light grey Aurifil thread throughout those light parts of the spiderwebs:

The backing is the same on both quilts: black pindots on white. I used the same fabric for the binding.
Here's a close-up shot of the quilting:
And this is the quilt in it's entirety:
I hope that these two quilts will be loved by the boys, now while they are still small and also later when they grow up. I chose those contemporary colours and prints so they can still use them when they are teens or twens or "really old" (o;
Happy quilting!


  1. So schön! Die größeren Hexagons zwischen drin machen den Quilt viel interessanter. I love it ;)

  2. Both quilts are quite lovely.... i'm sure the boys will treasure them...

  3. Awesome quilt! Love the colors against the low volume.

  4. Wonderful quilts! Great color combinations too.


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