Friday, January 9, 2015

Gemmed – a baby girl quilt

After facing the epic fail of the bearding quilt. I quickly decided that I needed to make a second, a better quilt for my new (and first) niece.

My sister did NOT want all those pink and rosy colours so I opted for low volume fabrics with some colour mixed in.


Trimming blocks in girl-ish fabrics – that does not happen often over here… I might even have enjoyed the tedious work. A bit.


I let the blocks form little wonky multicolour gems. With just a bit of pink or violet or rose. Then I backed it with a multicolour dotted flannel, chose a variegating Aurifil thread, grading from blue over pink into white, and free motion quilted it with “organic” straight lines…

Karla Quilting

… and little petals within the gems.

Karla Details of Quilting

It makes a lovely design on the back of the quilt (if I dare say so myself):

Karla Quilting detail

This time I added the lettering after I finished the quilting. First and last time. Period.

Karla Applique

Do I need to mention that I bound it with a triple-zig-zag-stitch?
No. I always do and always will.

Karla Binding and Backing

BUT I will mention how much I looooooove the binding I chose (shameless self-praise). Following the low volume theme, I chose a fabric stating “security is a thumb and a blanket” (must be the Peanuts / Charlie Brown?!). I really love the effect it has on the quilt and how it matches a baby quilt in particular.

Here’s another shot:

Karla Binding

Well, here it is, the “remedy” for the bearding quilt:


Well, this was a lot of recap in a short time.
Now I desparately need to sew - otherwise I won’t have anything new to show you!

Happy quilting!


  1. Such a pretty quilt! I'm sure your sister will love it!

  2. a very sweet girly quilt without an excess of pink, and I love the FMQ petals, thanks!

  3. It's beautiful! Low volume is a fav

  4. What a pretty quilt! I need to try one of these :)

  5. Noch ein toller Baby-Quilt. Der hier gefällt mir auch gut, aber erst mal kommt der Elefant...

  6. This is just lovely. Great touches of colour with the low volume prints. Love the binding and the quilting. i might have to make one for me ;)

  7. Love the Sparks of colour against the background. How do you do the binding? Have you written a post about it previously? It looks really nice - how does it look on the back?

  8. What a pretty quilt! I love the little coloured gems, they're so effective on the low volume background and the binding is inspired.

  9. Yes, I love your binding too...


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