Sunday, January 26, 2014

Serger fun

We had the first snow this winter! However I took the products of my “labour” outside to take some photos. (Ha! that sounds like sewing tees is hard and a chore, doesn’t it?! And like I spend my spare time working…)

flashback tees2

Infact, sewing tees has been a mere enjoyment as I treated myself to a new serger. My first serger. And “treated myself” is rather wrong, because I spend my christmas and birthday money that I received from my MIL and my parents.

new serger

I sincerely expected some sighing and shrugging shoulders when I called my mom to tell her how I spend my christmas money but she was very happy that I had found something that I would love to use…

flashback tees

So I made some tees first. I bought Rae’s flashback skinny tee pattern and couldn’t stop at one…

flashback tees indoor

The pattern is easy to follow although my boys seem to be bigger than average. I first made a size 6 for my 6 years old son. It was too small in the armpits so I  shortened the arms to make it a perfect fit for my 4 years old.

flashback tee neck

Here are some details of the neck and the hem. I used a twin-needle for a more professional-looking finish.

flashback tee hem

In former times my boys have taken to their heels when I sewed clothes for them. It really helps to let them choose the fabrics and some fun iron-on patches.

This is my youngest with the first tee before I shortened the arms. It gets more and more difficult to get them pose for photos so I have to sneak in and catch them unexpectedly…

Flashback tee Rupi

Here’s the bunch of tees together. So much fun.

flashback tees3

Have you tried sewing apparel for your kids or nieces, nephews, grandchildren?
Do they love wearing handmade clothes?

Happy sewing and have a great new week!


  1. Very well done- love those tees!

  2. the tees are great! congrats on a new machine :) I have sewn one garment, a nightgown for my grand daughter when she was here, she loves it! Now the other 4 need one too :)

  3. The tees are wonderful and you are lucky that your children still wear the selfmade tees. I sewed a lot for my children and also for me. My children do not wear the selfmade cloths any more (they are 21, 22 and 19 years old). There are not the right labels on it ;) However, they already thought about some individual cloths which could only be selfmade. Therefore, I suppose that very soon the sewing of clothes will start again. Es ist wie eine Wellenbewegung.

  4. They are lovely, I love the fabrics, where are they from? Decent knit fabrics are so expensive! I have made a few tees for my boys from the sewing for boys book, although I think I have the flashback tee pattern too. I recycle my husbands or charity shop tees, although you need 2 adult tees to make one kids!

  5. Fabulous tee shirts! What fun to have a new serger to play with too :)

    Thanks for linking up to New to Me too.

  6. My sewing talents start and end at quilts, so think your t shirts look fantastic, you make it sound so easy! I guess your on the right trail if you can make it in their favorite colour or print.

  7. Your tee shirts are brilliant, not something I would ever have thought of making!

  8. WOW, die sehen echt super auf!!!

  9. How fun and they are all unique and terrific in their own special way!

  10. love the t-shirts! I am new to serging and will have to try making some t-shirts

  11. Great t-shirts. I once made a very basic t-shirt for my son and a t-shirt dress for my daughter, but they were done using the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine, and were not even hemmed at the sleeves or at the bottom. My kids loved the idea of wearing clothes that were made just for them.

    I have since bought a serger, but have not really used it. I bought it without too much knowledge of what a serger actually does, but I was under the impression that I would be able to do the T-Shirt hemming with the serger. I was wrong. I think I have found that a little demotivating, and I feel a little out of my depth with a serger. I'm sure I will slowly gain skills and begin to love my serger, but for now it just sits, waiting for me to get my act together.

  12. The little one is so cute :-D

  13. Such cute tees! Looks like you are having fun with your new machine! Your little guy is very cute with his new tee on.

  14. Such cute tees! Looks like you are having fun with your new machine! Your little guy is very cute with his new tee on.


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