Friday, January 10, 2014

DNA Quilt – a finish

This quilt was hand-delivered today and can now be revealed to you. It has been another long-term work in process. It began with a bunch of swap blocks from all over the world: In round 6 of the scrapbuster swap on flickr we made scrappy X blocks. I had to look it up, we made the blocks two (2!) years ago!!!

I began contemplating different layouts:

Scrapbuster Swap Round 6

While I loved the above layout (photo taken before swapping, with my blocks only), the finished quilt would have been too small. And making 60 to 90 more blocks was out of the question.

I opted for some randomly stacked blocks but wasn’t convinced either.

DNA Quilt WIP2

Then I put the blocks together in one long row and found that the layout reminded me of a double helix. Hence the name DNA Quilt.


Once sewn together, I put it away because I didn’t have enough Kona Coal to finish the quilt. And time went by.

More Kona Coal arrived and was neatly folded. And put away. And time went by.

When in April 2013 Celine, our Queen Bee of Sew-Euro-bee-an asked for two scrappy X blocks, I seized the opportunity and made some more Scrappy X Blocks for this quilt. The additional blocks were safely stored with their sisters (brothers?).
And more time went by.

I finally finished it last December.

DNA Quilt Top

I echo quilted within those Xs…

DNA Quilt Echo quilting

…and straight line quilted the background by extending the diagonal lines of the Xs.

DNA Quilt detail of quilting_bb

I backed it with grey and white leaves (I think it is from Moda’s Shades of Black) and bound it with a grey zig zag print.

All pictures a pre-washing and you can still see those chalk-marks I used to keep the lines straight.

DNA Label Backing and Binding

I guess that quilt would still be an u.f.o. (unfinished object) if that stroke of fate had not happend.

A close friend (for more than 30 years) of my husband sufferd from two ruptured celebral aneurysms in October. Thanks to the quick reaction of her teenage daughter, the neurologists saved her life.

But her brain suffered from the hypertension and she was kept in an artificial coma for several weeks. She is almost hemiplegic ever since BUT her cognitive abilities are almost fully restored. Her longterm memories did all come back but her short-term memory does not work (yet). At first she conversed with pencil and paper, slowly writing down her thoughts and wishes. She is now able to speak and makes process with her movements. She really fights her way back into life.

My husband brought her this quilt today and came home shaken and very thoughtful. Our thoughts are with her family, especially with her three kids (her youngest is only eight years old). She still has a long way to go on her path back to (what we call) normality.

DNA Quilt Top flip over

Hopefully my little quilt will bring some comfort and love to our friend and her family.



  1. This is a lovely quilt Christine and a lovely gift for your unfortunate friend. I have had a similar experience recently when a close friend had a massive subarachnoid haemorrhage and initially the neurologists thought she would die. She is at home now, not quite right but better than anyone's expectations.

  2. Me encanta el juego visual de los rombos

  3. It´s so beautiful. Your friends it´s so much lucky.
    See you.

  4. a beautiful quilt, one that I am sure your friend and her family appreciate. I hope she makes a full recovery.

  5. What a beautiful quilt! May your friend's great progress thus far continue!

  6. Stunning! Seems it was meant to be hers :)

  7. I adore the vast colors in this quilt with the solid grey background to make that strip of diamonds pop!

    The best of luck to your hubby's friend and her recovery.

  8. I love how the "helix" pops against all the negative space! I'm sure your friend will cherish it!


  9. Beautiful quilt, and I will keep your husband's friend in my prayers:)

  10. A beautiful quilt, I just love it!

  11. love it. love the graphic design on it. Great Job.

  12. Dieser Quilt gefällt mir sehr gut, schön um ein paar Reste zu verwerten und er macht echt was her!

  13. What a wonderful design! I love everything about it! My son will graduate with his Doctorate in Molecular Biology in December 2015 and I have been trying to figure out what to make for him. This would be absolutely perfect. May I please, please, please copy your design? If I have your permission I promise to send you a picture of the finished quilt.
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.


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