Friday, March 7, 2014

Paper Lanterns – a baby girl quilt

The wife of my former workmate gave birth to their first child last week. A sweet little girl.

May there always be lights (and lanterns) to light your way, little Johanna!

Johanna Quilt top Kopie

Raw edge appliqué and free motion quilted black wires.

Johanna Detail of lamps

Double loops as background quilting…

Johanna Detail of Background Quilting

I quilted the baby’s name in the lower right corner.

Johanna Detail of quilted name

I used different designs within the lanterns.

Johanna Detail of quilted pink lamp

Johanna Detail of quilted orange lamp

Backing and binding. And my new name tag including washing instructions.

Johanna Backing and Binding

I am rather pleased with the result. A not too girly baby quilt. The process gave me some pains though. I had huge problems with tension and breaking threads. It was the first time I encountered these problems with my sewing machine. After changing needles twice, cleaning my machine, rethreading multiple times the problem was still the same. I was so disappointed and frustrated.

Ironically, my machine worked perfectly when I quilted on a test-sandwich. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I had put the wrong side of the batting up. Trudi explained last year that, when using needle punched batting, the side with the little knots aught to face downwards. Mine faced upwards. I need to remember this when basting my next quilt!

What do you do when you encounter thread breaks?!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Everything about this is beautiful!

  2. It´s so beautiful! I love it.

  3. It's totally lovely Christine.... very unique. I don't use needle punched batting so I can't help you... would that have a 'scrim' on? I use cotton batting very similar to Warm & Natural..

  4. Wie süß ist das denn :o)
    Glückwunsch zu diesem ungewöhnlichen und sehr gelungenen Stück!
    Da sieht man, dass du Übung im FMQ hast.....

    Liebe Grüße und bis bald,

  5. Lovely quilt Christine. And I really like your FMQing...

  6. soooooo love this quilt. I have always had a soft spot for lanterns, real and quilted. We have them strung up inside our back screened porch for summer evenings.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  7. Terrific quilt! I've never seen one like it. Yes, not too girly. Love her name quilted in. I never thought about sides to the batting. My thread tension issues never show up on the sample, always the quilt! I try putting the spool on different holders/places, and I start over with bobbin and top tension. Silicone spray can help. Occasionally, I just decide it wasn't meant to be, and switch thread.

  8. Love this quilt - not too "baby" and love that you quilted her name into it too :)

  9. Der Quilt ist so niedlich und das Quilting ist einmalig. Die Double Loops gefallen mir sehr. Ich kann es gar nicht glauben, dass Du es tatsächlich mit der Haushaltsmaschine hinbekommen hast - auch wenn Du einige Hindernisse bewältigen musstest.

  10. Lovely quilt- perfectly not overly girly! And the quilting is fabulous- you cannot see all the struggles in the finished product...

  11. Ich finde den Quilt einfach wunderschön, nicht so ein typischer Babyquilt, sondern einfach etwas richtig Besonderes! Eine schöne Idee und so wundervoll gequiltet!

  12. Wunderschön und mal was ganz anderes.
    Gruß Sylvia

  13. This works so well, I love this lantern design.


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