Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Why you shouldn’t leave your kids unattended…

Answer: they might swallow an entire lollipop. Stick and everything. Even at the age of 6.


We went to see our doctor and he confirmed what my eldest said: there is a lollipop in his stomach. Aprox. 7,5 cm long and 0,38 cm thick.

We were sent to the pediatric clinic were the removed the lollipop by gastroscopy.

Our big boy was so brave. He didn’t cry once (well except when he told me he had swallowed the lollipop and he didn’t want someone to cut up his belly.)

Here he is, waiting for his anesthesia:


We had to stay one night:


When he woke up from his anesthesia he said “Mom, this is not only cool, this is exciting, too”. Smiling from ear to ear. I am glad his first hospital experience wasn’t too bad.

He was allowed to take the lollipop stick home, so here’s the culprit before and after a visit to this stomach:


So, keep an eye (even on your elder) kids!


  1. Ohjemine,
    was alles so passieren kann...
    Aber sehr tapfer, der Kleine!
    Ich sah zuerst das Ultraschallbild und dachte an etwas
    gaaaanz anderes ;o))
    Liebe Grüße,


  2. Oh dear! Glad everything worked out OK.

  3. Glad he's come out of it OK. You can't watch them 24/7 though can you?

  4. Da habt Ihr aber Glück gehabt! Meine Kinder mehrmals mit verschluckten Sachen beim Arzt. Meistens waren das giftige Pflanzen. Aber es ist immer gut gegangen-nur ich konnte lange keinen Notarztwagen hören ohne zu schlucken. Ich drücke Dir und Deinen Kindern auch die Daumen. In dem Alter braucht man einen Schutzengel.


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