Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank you!!!

Elmer Thank you

A special thanks to everyone

  • who visited my little blog during Blogger’s Quilt Festival.
  • who left me a comment. I never received so many lovely and encouraging coments before. You all made my day week month!
  • who voted for my little Elmer Quilt!

I am still in awe that my little quilt won I prize! When I received Amy’s email I first thought that I had won a random prize. When I realized my quilt had won the Scrappy Quilt Category, I was so happy that I giggled and danced around the house like a mad woman (o;

Oh wait, there are more people to thank:

  • Amy – for organizing this Festival. I am sure you put much energy and time into this online gathering of Quilty Bloggers.
  • The Sponsors – for all the generous prizes you offer for winners and readers.
  • Pinners – thank you for pinning and re-pinning my little Elmer on Pinterest.

Congratulations to all the other winners (Button below links to list of winners)!


Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations! Your family can be really proud of you.

  2. Juhuuu :o) Congratulations!
    Your "Elmer Quilt" is really adorable.

  3. Oh very many Congratulations Christine... That is such a cute quilt... Just shows what you can do when you go for it...

  4. YAY!! I voted for your ultra cute elephants!! :)

  5. Congratulations! I am so glad your beautiful quilt won!

  6. I loved your Elmer quilt. I sell Kaffe Fassett fabrics and would like to make this quilt and sell fabric for others to make it. I would credit you with the idea. May I have your permission? lori.allison@hotmail.com Thank you in advance.

    1. I answered Lori by email but thought that my answer could be helpful for others, too. So here's what I wrote to her:

      "[...] You are very welcome to copy my idea. I personally don't have any objections whatsoever. I just want to state that the original design of "Elmer" was David McKee's work. He (or his publisher) probably owns all copyrights. I am therefore not sure if it would be o.k. to turn this Elmer Quilt into a "pattern for sale". That is to say, if you want to earn money by selling an "Elmer Quilt Pattern" you should probably ask the author's permission.

      I am however no expert regarding this topic. I am happy and honoured that my little idea inspired others to make a similar quilt. Feel free to make your own, please just make sure you respect the author's rights :o) [...]"

  7. As a former librarian I have had your "Elmer" creation bookmarked for about a year - just waiting for a reason to ask permission to use your idea. Now that I have my first grandchild on the way I was looking for a way to contact you.

    I am NOT AT ALL surprised to find that your quilt won this award!

    If I were to use your design it would be for one quilt for personal use.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. As I couldn't reach you directly, I try to get back to you this way. You are very welcome to make an (or several) Elmer quilt(s) for your grandchild (may there be more to come!). I would love to see what you come up with, how your interpretation of an Elmer Quilt will look like. Have fun and congrats to the grandma-to-be!


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