Friday, November 22, 2013

Upcycling denim into bags for boys

While in many anglophone countries kids go trick or treating on All Hallow’s Eve, in Germany the kids take lanterns on St Martin’s day and walk around the neighborhood, stopping at every door and singing songs. They are usually rewarded with candy.

I decided to make two new little bags for them to collect candy.

I browsed the internet and found this awesome tutorial. It was easy to follow and I finished the bag in two evenings. The only thing I changed is that I used a pair of old denim jeans instead of fleece.

Shark bag cutting

It would have been easier if the legs had been wider but with some squeezing and twisting I managed to make do.

Shark bag

I showed the shark bag to my sons and my youngest adopted him at once. I told my eldest that I’d make him another one. But he asked for a dinosaur bag. Duh. No online tutorial available ): So I had to come up with something myself.


I upcycled more denim, combined it with felt and some cotton fabric and tada: this is the dinosaur bag:


After much tweaking, swearing and seam ripping it was done. And I won’t do it again. No wonder there are no tutorials for dinosaur bags. The construction was a real pain in the butt…

But it was worth the effort. My kids love their new bags and they were a huge success on St Martin’s day:

St Martin

And now they take them to kindergarten every day.

Upcycled bags for boys

Happy upcycling!


  1. Oh boy :0) Was für Glückspilze, die beiden Jungs !
    So macht " Laternegehen" doppelt Spaß!
    Diese bunten Lichter in der dunklen Jahreszeit sind eine Wohltat......

    LG! Karin

  2. Well done, I would have been tempted to say he had to have a different coloured fish!

  3. Love the shark and you've done a great job on the dinosaur!

  4. sehr cool, der Haifisch gefällt mir besonders!

  5. Your shark turned out so cute! The denim is such a great idea! And I LOVE your dino, adorable!


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