Tuesday, October 2, 2012

birthday preps (2) and a review

It is over.
And he was/ is happy.
And his friends were happy.
And I’m exhausted.
And happy.

Yesterday: More preparations
We made “Pirate’s Blood” (red and green jelly/jello):



And today it was gone within 2 minutes - before I even thought about taking some photos.
We made cupcakes with chocolate and m&m’s:



It took him so long to sort the m&m’s by colour and make up a new design for each cupcake (his choice, not mine!) that the chocolate was dry before he finished the second one (o;

Today: The pirates party in honour of a 5th birthday (o:
It was a nice day and we had so much fun. Almost no tears, no fights and no accidents. Quite exraordinary with 8 little ones between 3 and 5!
The kids had fun with soap bubbles…



… and our special scavenger hunt for “Pirates of the Woods”. They were to collect ordinary items from the woods nearby. I used copied an idea that I found online some months ago (but when I searched for it I couldn’t find it just now). I chose 10 different items from the woods, took a photo, printed it and glued it to egg boxes.


We set out for a walk in the woods and it started raining before we reached the outskirts. Aaaah! But the kids were well prepared and eager to get their boxes stuffed. It was a great success and everyone was rewarded with some shots of “Pirate’s Blood” and a “Pirate’s Drawstring Bag” with toys and sweets.


However, when they were all gone, we discovered there HAD been a little accident along the way (o: Our youngest thought it the worst thing that he had to take a shower immediately because we didn’t want to cut off his hair…


It was a day that was by far better than I had feared and anticipated but I’m glad it’s over nontheless. A huge thank you to our dear neighbor who helped with the kids and to my husband who did all the cleaning and was preparing dinner while we were off for the scavenger hunt.

Any suggestions for next year? Do you have some great-success examples to share?
Finally back to sewing tomorrow!

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  1. so nice to keep contact that way,you are so brillant, see you and family in Canada one day!!!


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