Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birthday preps (1)

Our eldest son turns 5 the day after tomorrow and there’s quite some excitement in the air over here. Since around easter he repeatedly asked when it would finally be his birthday. He could hardly endure his brother’s birthday 5 weeks ago and shed many tears of disappointment when little bro opened his presents.

He “wrote” his invitations last weekend and handed them out last monday. Since then he is counting down and first thing in the morning he tells me how often he will have to go to sleep until his birthday. Beams and giggles and laughter. Love his excitement and cheerful anticipation (o:

His party theme is “Pirates” and when I decided he wasn’t too old for a birthday crown, I quickly chose this pirates print from my stash. It took about one hour to plan, draw, cut, fuse and sew the crown and I think he will like it.


I used an interfacing I usually use for bags and it turned out quite sturdy.
Then I added some velcro so it fits his head perfectly

Geburtstagskrone verschluss

I’m happy with how it turned out eventually and will make some more to give away as birthday presents (added to that already too long to-sew list). I guess without the planning it might be done in 45 minutes or less.

Birthday preparations continue tomorrow – I might show you more if I’m not too exhausted by tomorrow evening (o:

Have a nice start into october!

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  1. Aw happy birthday to your little guy.
    Great birthday crown. I made something similar as one of my first makes.
    Hope you are not too exhausted and have lots of fun


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