Thursday, October 8, 2015

ninja birthday party

Little boy chose a ninja theme for his 6th birthday.


(image source)

We asked his little guests to dress in black – some even came fully dressed as ninjas. They all received red strips of knit fabric as belts and head bands. Then we started our ninja boot camp and we headed into the forest.

ninja boys

The boys had to pass tests, proving their ninja qualities, such as balancing…



handling delicate objects…


… making ninja moves while jumping…

ninja moves

… fighting with double-bladed ninja swords…

ninja fight

…running and afterwards sneaking silently through the forest (my fabourite part)…


…aiming (we had two games, one with water pistols and this one with nerf guns)


After passing all the test, every ninja apprentice received his own ninja sword (a red pool noodle with black “taped” handle)…

ninja swords

…and his own ninja mask (I bought cheap balaclavas and added a red strip of knit fabric).


I thought I’d share our birthday party with you because it was a huge success with the boys.

Enjoy planning your own ninja party!


  1. Wow! What a fantastic party Christine. Looks like they all enjoyed themselves immensely.

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  3. brilliant party - you are a clever mum!

  4. Stunning, classic and fun birthday party! I just loved their outfits. My youngest is also going to turn 5 in the next week. He has asked me to arrange train party at his favorite kid’s party venues San Francisco.

  5. Such a great themed party it is. I wish I could have read out this blog earlier as my son also selected Ninja theme on his last birthday, so I might get few ideas for the party. Now this year he is talking to select snowman themed party at his favourite venue New York. Well, last year every kid enjoyed his birthday party, and also snacks were yummy too.

  6. Even though we are miles apart, I’m sending PARTY all my love to you on this special day. Happy Birthday!


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