Saturday, October 3, 2015

(Back) to school!

Last year I told you about the german tradition of giving “sugar cones” to first graders’ for their very first day of school.

Well, we have another first grader this year. So I made another sugar cone from fabric. He asked for a “soccer” version, which was rather difficult to make.


I really dislike most of the soccer themed fabric out there. So I made a border from this knit fabric:

cone construction

cone construction 2

I added some black and white “ball” fabric and machine stitched his class, his name and the date of his first day of school. Here’s a closeup:

cone detail

And this is the cone and his school bag:

bag and cone

An early morning shot before we left for school:

first day of school

All kids have their own school agenda that is spiral bound. By the end of the year those spirals are rather oval or bend but no longer round. So I made some quilted covers for my boys’ agendas. Soccer themed for little boy…



…and ninja themed for our new second grader…


That little ninja is completely appliquéd and one of my favourite makes ever. The design is from I just turned the embroidery  design into a raw-edge-application.


Both boys were also invited to a sleep over party, so we needed a second bag for toothbrush, etc. for the boys. (Unless I’d send them out with my pink one. Hihi.)


It is lined with coated cotton so throwing in an open tooth paste tube will not ruin it entirely (ask me how I know).


Well now, the first weeks of school are already over. We are heading into our fall break. Little boy is not very excited about school and tends to do his homework with the least effort possible but he seems to get along well enough. I’ll keep my fingers crossed (for the next couple of years, I guess…). Sigh.

Are there any “first day of school traditions” in your whereabouts?!

Happy sewing everyone!

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