Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer s(e)wing


Summer holidays are officially over. The boys went back to school (in fact one of them just started school – more on that soon) and I am back at work.

Not much sewing happened here for the last approx. 7 weeks, but here are some things that I actually finished.

4 Baby Summer hats, for boys and girls, some with visor:

IMG_2326 baby summer hatsIMG_2328 IMG_2327

A baby girl dress for my niece:

Karla's dress

And three picnic blankets:

PHD Picnic blanket res

This one is for my cousin who just received her second degree in law and made her PhD. We threw a surprise party for her at my parents’.
Here are some details of her blanket.

The backings of all these blankets are coated cotton fabrics to prevent the picnic blankets from soaking up possible moisture from the grounds.

PHD Picnic blanket hanging PHD Picnic blanket flip flopsPHD Picnic blanket handle detail PHD Picnic blanket binding

The following blanket was made for my mother’s birthday:

Grandma's picnic blanket rolled up

Grandma's picnic blanket backing and binding Grandma's picnic blanket knotted

And then there was a third one for my sister’s birthday (in her favourite girly-pink colours):

Lisa's picnic blanket rolled up2

Lisa's picnic blanket rolled up Lisa's picnic blanket handle and strips

Three completely different styles to match three different tastes of three different women. Let’s see if I need to make a fourth for my other sister?!

I hope you are all having a great summer?!
Happy sewing!


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