Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Room Makeover (2)

It’s (almost) done.

For more than two weeks I have not been sewing one single stitch. I dedicated every single minute of my free time to get my sewing room emptied, cleaned, new furniture assembled, and my sewing stuff reorganized. I have to admit that organizing my sewing stuff took almost one week’s time. I hadn’t anticipated that!
And now without further ado I proudly present my new sewing room:

The sewing table:

Sewing Table

Many thanks to the friendly employee at our local building supplies store who cut out the holes for my machines!!!

Build in Sewing Machine

We attached a wooden board underneath and voilà – we were done (o:

Build in Sewing Machine 2

My new fabric and notions shelves:

Fabric shelves

And my new cutting table made from two IKEA Expedit screwed together:

Schneidetisch3 Schneidetisch5

Those clear boxes with my unfinished objects happen to fit-in perfectly. The shelves are deep enough to store my (few) bolts, the 24” cutting ruler and the larger dies for my GO! Baby Cutter.


On the opposite side I put in those IKEA fabric boxes…


…that I use to sort my scraps according to colours. BTW: Did you ever see those fabric boxes in red?!

Schneidetisch 2a

I finally sorted my patterns into folders and organized my sewing books and magazines.

Books Magazines and Patterns

And here’s a lovely box that my mother gave me two years ago as a birthday gift:

Buttons and yarn außen Buttons and Yarn innen

Now, there’s not much left to do: We need to rearrange the lights and I want my dad to make a simple design wall – my birthday is in three months, so that would be a perfect gift (o:

Thanks so much for your help so far, Papa!!!
Paradise is not far off after all, it’s located in our basement!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Oh my, I'm totes jealous! What a beautiful space.

  2. HELLO SEWING ROOM! There is no stopping you now ; ) it's beautiful and so big!

  3. What an awesome setup you have!! It's great and I'm envious of your space. I have not seen red fabric boxes but couldn't you just dye a white one? I should think it would work, if you really feel the need to do it. I think the floral one works just fine. Don't add work to your load. :-)Well done!

  4. OMG, so absolutely beautiful, GREAT JOB! on an awesome sewing space, they won't be able to drag you out of there, lol.

  5. Also wirklich .... ich bin etwas neidisch!
    Alles gut durchdacht und so aufgeräumt....
    Bei mir sieht es noch eher so aus wie in deinem letzten Post ;0)
    Kompliment! Vor allem der abgesenkte Quilttisch gefällt mir.
    Das wird mein nächstes Plagiat ;0))
    Herzliche Grüße aus OWL,

  6. Totally and utterly in love with your sewing room! You are one very lucky girl :-) I'm saving up for a proper sewing table and can't wait for it to arrive. It makes such a difference when your machine is at the right height for FMQ.
    Love the colours you've chosen, so light and airy. Gorgeous.

  7. Ich bin total neidisch auf diesen wunderschönen Nähraum! Den Schneidetisch habe ich auch auf meiner Wunschliste.
    Viele Grüße und viele kreative Nähstunden in dem neuen Zimmer,

  8. Gosh! What a fantastic space. I wonder how long it will stay so beautifully organised!

  9. Oh, it looks wonderful, Christine! Can you come and help me organize my space???

  10. I'm so jealous! Looks so beautiful and organized. My room is in such disarray right now, it's in desperate need of a makeover!


  12. What a lovely place to create! So bright, clean and organized! I agree, it looks like paradise. Wonderful!

  13. What a great updated space! Love the wheels on your new cutting table.

  14. I like your space and those tables. Where did you fine the tables.

  15. So awesome! Love the creative solutions for tables and such.

  16. Love your space. It's AWESOME!!! Nice bringing in the kids. My son emptied a bottle of frey check on one of my expensive fabrics! So, to keep him occupied I sat him down at a machine and let him make pants for his build a bear. (he was 6 @ that time) It worked, now when I sew for him he chooses his own fabric and doesn't mind the fabric store. He has a desiginated "fabric shelf" for the projects I have for him. He's 13 now!

  17. Yes, red cubes at lowes and target. :). Love your room and the furniture!

  18. Just discovered your space via Pink Chalk Studio. Lovely! Would you mind sharing some details on how you constructed your sewing table, please? What is the surface? Is it countertop? Where did you get the legs? Dimensions? Love how your machines are set down into the surface. My husband is willing to build me something but is in need of ideas. Thank you for sharing. Very inspirational : )

  19. I've been admiring your sewing space and love the tables. Are they laminate or wood butcher block?

    1. Hi Marti, these are countertops. Laminates, not real wooden ones. I asked the people at the DIY shop to cut out the holes for my machines. The usually only cut out holes for sinks and were rather surprised when I told them what I wanted to put in those holes :)


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