Friday, April 19, 2013

A gift-y kind of week

This was a great week full of surprises (o:

On Monday I received a small parcel with stickers and postcards that I won at Zeug & Gold. My friend Eva is a graphic designer who creates beautiful wall-stickers, stickers, t-shirts, pillow cussions, etc. On her Facebook Page she offered a giveaway with some fun stickers:


I can’t decide which ones I like best. Those moustaches? Or the chalkboard stickers? And wouldn’t the postcard design with that tiny orange fox make a super cute boy-ish fabric?! Maybe I should point her to spoonflower one day?!

On Wednesday, I received an email from Jess who blogges at The Elven Garden, based in Tasmania, Australia. Rafflecopter had chosen my name! I follow her blog for quite some months now and when I she offered a giveaway from her sponsor “sew fresh fabrics” of 8 FQ of Architextures, I couldn’t resist to put my name in the hat. Now I wait impatiently for the mailman to bring me some yummy fabric! Thanks again, Jess!

On Thursday, I received a small parcel at work. I had answered a marketing-survey and they had randomly send out some thank-you-gifts to some participants. Now I have a great wireless mouse for my notebook at home (o: Shaped like an exterior rear mirror of a MINI Cooper.

MINI Mouse MINI Mouse 2

And to top it all off, Brigitte sent me some yard cuts of her now-in-stores fabric line COMMA. Thank you so much, Brigitte!!!


Best week in a long while! My colleagues suggested that I should buy a lottery ticket immeadiately. Seems like a lucky streak (o:

Now I guess it’s time to pay it forward. In 4 weeks time I’ll celebrate my first year’s blogging anniversary. Time to start thinking about a little giveaway over here (o:

And to finish off this gift-y week, I made a small gift for my former flatmate during university. She gave birth to her third child recently. A gorgeous little girl that they named Lotta. I made her a swaddling blanket – yay for another opportunity to use some pink (there are so many boys over here!).

Lotta Swaddling Blanket2

I used Thomas Knaur’s “Pear Tree, Birds and Eggs” and backed it with a brown gingham. It is rather large: 90cm square.

Lotta Swaddling Blanket

And I finally used the alphabet stiches on my new sewing machine.

Lotta Swaddling Blanket3

Hope she will like it! I finished it yesterday night and will have to wrap it and post it tonight/ tomorrow morning.

See you for more finishes next week (o:

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Love the name tag -- that's such a great little touch!

  2. I wish my machine had that big of letters to use! It looks fabulous!

  3. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Du solltest vielleicht wirklich über einen Lottoschein nachdenken....
    Die Mini- Mouse ist ganz entzückend, obwohl sie bestimmt leider zu einem der
    neuen Minis passt (ich habe noch einen alten von 1974, den ich heiß und
    innig liebe!).

  4. Gosh, what a lovely lot of prizes/gifts. I do hope you bought a lottery ticket as well!. The swaddling blanket is fab including the name tag. Well done you!

  5. Wouldyou like to come and stand next to me so that some of your luck rubs off! And love your comma fabric. How lucky!

  6. What a week! Congrats. Ich liebe ja die Eulen. Die habe ich als Hoodie. :)

  7. You lucky girl... that does not happen to just anyone!
    Really cute baby thingy! I have some Comma on the way to me too!


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