Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If you don’t have enough time for sewing…

…you shouldn’t add another craft to your list. Should you?! I did. Thanks to my friend Meike, who inspired me to give crocheting a try.

I started thinking about crocheting on Saturday. Finished my first two beanies on Sunday – and unraveled one of them on Monday. Yay. Great progress (o: I know.

Oh and btw. if you see that the beanie is too small for your child, unravel it at once. There is no need to finish the beanie first and try to force it on afterwards. Guess how I know…

Here’s the one that was big enough for my youngest:

Ruperts Boshi 

It matches his winter jacket very well and he loves his new beanie. Today he cried when it was snowing outside and it took me some moments to get the reason: he didn’t want his new hat to “get all snowy”… Bless him (o:

I hope to show you the beanies on those little stubborn heads soon.
Happy crafting everyone!

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