Monday, February 11, 2013

A piece of german culture

Karneval is a big feast over here. Even for the kids.
In a town nearby there is a little Karneval Parade just for the kids.

Karneval 3

It is organized by local kindergartens, schools, sport clubs, several marching bands and so on.

Karneval 2

There is lots of music (I just love those marching bands – they remind me of my childhood!) and tons of sweets that the kids throw down from the decorated trailers to the kids lining the streets.

Karneval 1

That’s why you can see all those serious looking adults – they prevent the kids from getting under the trucks and trailers while collecting sweets from the streets.

Karneval 4

Aren’t these marching band costumes great?!

Karneval 6

And they even had a little train!

Karneval 5

I took some photos of my boys during the parade but we went there together with friends and as I didn’t ask their permission, I’m not going to share the photos which all include them and their kids.

But this morning my little boys were all excited to wear their costumes to their Kindergarten Karneval Party: May I present my little knight and the dangerous triceratops to you?!

Karneval 7

Just FYI I made none of the costumes myself. I just wanted to share this fun part of german tradition with you. Not as hot as the brasilian version neither as freezy as in Québec nor as gay as mardi gras in New Orleans and not even as big and professional as many other german parades – just small and fun and only for kids (o:

As to the meaning of Karneval: it’s the last days of (excessive) eating and drinking and partying before Lenten Season (for catholics) starts. I’m better finishing off my last chocolate as I intend to abstain from sweets for the
next 40 days )o:

Wish me luck (and perseverance…)

P.S. Anyone fasting along?

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  1. Good luck with the fasting! We have a similar celebration, called fašank, also for the children. But it was such a cold day, we didn't go to watch. It is not so nice as yours though- no parade.
    Your boys look great1


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