My finished quilts

Just click on the images to read more about each quilt.

#38 Hexies and hidden stars

A minimalistic quilt for my newborn niece. Dense free motion quilting that forms little stars within the negative space.

#37 Simple Squares - A homage to Gerhard Richter

A quilt for someone special

#35 and #36 Quilts for brothers

Two quilts for the sons of our friends




#34 Railfence - A Baby Boy Quilt

A scrappy Baby Boy quilt for our friends' first Baby.



#33 Homage to V.Vasarely - An Op-Art Quilt

Inspired by the art of the sixties.


#32 Sew-Euro-bee-an: A bee quilt

Pieced by all Bee members;
designed, backed, quilted and bound by me.



#31 A Baby Boy quilt - made by MQG Bielefeld

Pieced by all MQG Bielefeld members (except the new-to-be-mother of the Little Boy); designed, backed, quilted and bound by me)


#30 Gemmed - A Baby Girl quilt

A Baby Girl quilt for my sister's second child.


#29 Elmer revisited: A Baby Boy quilt

A quilt for my friends' first baby.
She asked for a smaller version of my Elmer Quilt.


#28 Oh Deer! A baby boy quilt

A baby boy quilt for my cousins first baby.
Including Appliqué and a ric rac border.

#27 Stacked Strips

Epic Fail #2. Another bearding quilt.

#26 Baby Boy Patchwork Quilt

For my sister's first baby - my second nephew.

#25 Wonky Stars

A baby girl group quilt for our first MQG Bielefeld Baby.

#24 Paper lanterns

A not-so-girlish quilt for the newborn daughter of my former colleague.

#23 In the hedgerow

Almost wholecloth. A quilt for my mother-in-law.

#22 DNA Quilt

A scrappy quilt for a close friend of my husband.

#21 Dare to be different

A scrappy quilt inspired by David McKee's character "Elmer".

Elmer - Dare to be different

#20 The yellow Lessons Learned Quilt

Not my favourite - so I turned it into a FMQ Practise Quilt.

Yellow Improv Quilt

#19 Optimism - a manly gift

A gift for my colleague whom life had played a bad trick.

Optimism TopOptimism Back

#18 A Paper Pieced Baby Girl Quilt

A gift for friends who expect a baby girl next month.

PP Baby Quilt

Lots of Dogwood quilting

Baby Quilt Detail with grid

And a matching backing and binding.

PP Baby Quilt Detail of straight line quilting

#17 Finally a Patchwork Quilt

A quilt for my youngest son (3).

Hues Quilt bb

Lots of free-motion circles...

Hues Quilt Detail of Quilting and backing

#16 Bus-y words

A birthday gift for my dad.

Instead of making a quilt label I quilted the message all over the background fabric.

Papas Quilt Quilting after washing

#15 Modern Mosaic - A Quiet Quilt

A christmas gift for my mum.

Quilt Margret

#14 Henning's Improv Quilt

A quilt for the third child of our business partner.

I used a triple zig zag stitch to attach the binding. Love it!

#13 Emma's Baby Quilt

A quilt for my newborn niece Emma.

Detail of raw edge application:

#12 Space Rocket Quilt

A summer quilt for my eldest son (4 at that time)

Detail of my FMQ

#11 Baby Quilt "Cars 'n Dots"

It took a long time to decide on the layout... 
but finally I came up with this one:

The Pieced Backing:

Fabrics are again Ann Kelle's beautiful designs, 
this time it was Ready, Set, Go! combined with some dots 
from my LFS and an unknown white solid.

#10 Baby Quilt "Zoology Circles"

Raw edge appliqued circles of Ann Kelle's beautiful fabrics.
I was inspired by this book cover.

The backing and my name tag:

#9 Quilt "Loops 'n Rectangles" for my canadian "parents"

I used Monica's free pattern "Rectangle Reverie" that you can find here.

The pieced backing.

Detail of the FMQ (Loops)

#8 Quilt "Fiddleheads" for my canadian friends

I was inspired by a free tutorial of "crazy mom quilts" but changed the block layout a bit.

Detail of my FMQ, hence the name of the quilt :o)
I found the FMQ Design here.

#7 Baby Quilt for my first nephew

Detail of the binding. 
I used a decorative stitch of my sewing machine.

#6 Lap Quilt for my best friend :o)

Detail of the FMQ (after washing and drying)

My first quilt label.

#5 Quilt for my oldest son

Backing and my first straight line quilting

#4 A quilt just for me!

The back

#3 Red Baby Quilt for my youngest son

Detail of my first free motion quilting and the backing

#2 Julius' Quilt

The backing is a Streets & Cars Print


#1 My first quilt ever...

Inspiration struck at moda bake shop :o)

The backing and hanging


  1. These are darling quilts! I'd love to see where you found that fiddlehead FMQ design but your link is not working. Could you email me the correct link?

  2. Kimberly, thank you for your nice comment! And sorry, you are right, the link didn't work :o( I fixed it and I will send you the information by email as well.

  3. Ma courtepointe est tout simplement magnifique !! Tu m'impressionnes par ton talent Christine, mille mercis !! Ta maman canadienne !!

    1. Merci, Nicole! Ça me fait un grand plaisir d'avoir coussu quelque chose que tu aimes. Et il faut que tu l'utilise :o)
      Bisous! Ta troisième fille :o)


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