Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bags, bags, bags

I made four more bags. It all started with this fabric:


And it ended in a sports bag for my youngest who was about to have his first handball lesson ever.


In the photo above, I stuffed it with boxes, the bag is too floppy in reality. You can see, that is not stiff enough in the photo below:


Of course I should have known that big brother would ask for one, too. I made the second one much stiffer by using a fusible interface. And I used a laminated IKEA fabric as lining.

See? It keeps it form without stuffing.


Plus I tried a covered zipper. Yay.


And then there was my mother’s birthday. She asked for a little bag with the emblems of her rowing club. Well. Here’s the result:

I enlarged the emblem and appliquéd it on a low volume love fabric (wonder if she saw the hint?!)


I lined it with a red and white striped fabric and I even put in a little zipper pocket for keepsakes (which is lined with a fun fabric featuring all kinds of traffic signs).



I am happy to report that she loves this little bag and that she uses it a lot.

And I made another bag – another quilted one – that will be a gift for a dear friend. So just a little sneak peek today:


Happy Quilting!

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  1. Great selection of handmade loveliness, I'm not surprised the boys wanted one bag each!


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