Friday, July 5, 2013

Samples for London

Good news. The nametag is done and ready to be send out tomorrow. I’ll post photos once it arrived at my partner.

And the samples are washed and dryed (I had to rinse out the marks that helped me keep the quilting even).

Samples for London

Here’s a detail of the Dogwood Quilting.

Dogwood Comma

The fabrics are a pure linnen and my favourite fabric line ever: COMMA. In grey, black, white and green. I just hope my swap partners will like those baskets.

Tomorrow I’ll have a day off, the kids will stay at home (or go to the cinema) with my husband and I’ll head to our Modern Quilt Guild Sew-in. All day long. Yay!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous - I hope I am in your group - these are my favourite colours and I adore linen!! And fabric buckets!! Well done!

  2. These are beautiful ! Love the dogwood quilting at the top too!

  3. The samples look great Christine! Look forward to seeing you again in 2 weeks time.

  4. These baskets are wonderful, I sure hope I get one. Have a great sewing day.

  5. If your partners don't like the baskets you can send them to me! But of course they will LOVE them. Have a great and awesome day tomorrow!

  6. They are amazing samples.
    The quilting is wonderful.


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