Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Another finish and an accident

Thank you very much for all your lovely comments on that quilt I made for my Dad. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to come back to every single one of you because an accident of my husband turned our every day life upside down (not a life-threatening accident, thank goodness!). I promise to get back to you once we get accustomed to a new routine.

Almost two weeks ago my husband slipped on black ice while he was running/jogging. He fell hard on his shoulder and head. He wasn’t too far from home and came back with a limp left arm. I couldn’t persuade him to visit a doctor immediately (it was around 8 p.m.) and he neither went the next day. 4 days later he gave in and it was ascertained that he had a comminuted fracture at his left shoulder. Last friday he had a large surgery, the fragments of the bones were screwed back in place and 4 torn tendons were re-attached with another big screw.

Yesterday he discharged himself from hospital and went straight back to work. For 6-8 weeks his left arm will be quite immobile and he’ll need much assistance. For dressing. For chopping his meals. And he isn’t allowed to drive. So that’s constant lifts to and from work, to and from doctor, to and from physical therapy, and so on. Add those household tasks HE usually does to MY usual tasks and MY own job and there is not much time for me to sew or for blogland adventures. Phew. I dread those next weeks.

But enought of that. I’m distracting myself with as much sewing as possible. I needed some quick finishes during the last days. Something I could do without much thinking. And while listening to an audiobook. What’s better than finishing some UFOs? Here’s one that just needed a backing and a binding.

Butterflies Cussion 1

Not much to think of one could say. But after attaching the binding to the front I discovered that I intended to attach it to the BACK in the first place. I had just decided to ignore that fact and to NOT rip it all out when I discovered that I had forgotten to fold that 2,25” strip in half.
Aaaah!!! Hello Mr. Seamripper )o:

Don’t you just love these butterflies?!

Butterflies Cussion 3

I found them in a scrap bag and combined them with some of my stash prints and low volume prints. None of the butterfly prints had a selvage so I have no clue who designed them. I YOU know, please leave me a comment, I would love to order more!

Butterflies Cussion 4

I fuzzy cut some of them and – using my favourite quilted panel technique – quilted them as I went. Then I didn’t have a zipper that was large enough and that unfinshed cussion sat in my UFO pile for some months.

Last weekend as I was in great need of instant satisfaction, I just whipped up a backing with a hidden zipper (that I had bought some weeks ago) and a binding.

Butterflies Cussion 2 

Now I need a filling of the right size (o:

Butterflies Cussion 7

But I’m glad it’s finished and I love how it turned out. It will make a great gift for my MIL – if the colours match her couch’s. Will have to check that secretly one day soon.

Thanks for reading and always watch your step!


  1. What a great finish, wish I could tell you the name of the butterflies, when you find out, tell me too, they are so cute, your MIL will love it.

  2. Pretty pillow! Sorry to hear about your husband - aren't men stubborn? Trust me, though - the time will fly faster than you think. You might take up sewing hexies to give you something to do during the therapy appointments.....

  3. Liebe Christine, gute Besserung für Deinen Mann und alles Gute für die ganze Familie. So etwas wirft meist ja auch bei kleinen Kindern alles durcheinander und macht sie ein wenig gaga. Ich wünsche Dir gute Nerven.
    Das Kissen sieht super aus. Die Quilt as you go Methode habe ich bei Dir das erste mal gesehen und sie gefällt mir immer besser. Gut gefällt mir das Binding und klar, da muss dann ein versteckter Reissverschluss rein. Das sollte ich demnächst auch einmal versuchen. Hast Du schon einmal Paspeln/ Binding mit einer Verstärkung (dicke Kordel) eingesetzt???

  4. Dear Christine, all the best for your husband and for the whole family. Things like that turn everything upside down especially for small children and it makes them a bit "gaga". Strong nerves for you...
    The pillow is super. I saw the quilt as you go methode the first time here on your blog and I like it better and better. I also like the binding of the pillow and the hidden zipper. I have to try that, too. Have you ever sewn binding with a piece of string in it??

  5. So sorry to hear about your husband and his accident. It's amazing that he has gone straight back to work. Hope things improve for you both soon. The cushion is very pretty and I love the colours.QAYG is one of my favourites too!

  6. I wish your husband a speedy recovery! Don't forget to look after yourself while you look after him :-)
    Lovely cushion. I'm sure your MIL is going to be very happy with it. I know, I would!

  7. Männer... My husband has to be pushed and shoved, too. What's so terrifying about going to the doctors? I'll never ever get it. Glad to hear he will eb better but wishing you lots of strength for the weeks to come. Lovely cushion. Good you have some sort of outlet/therapy.

  8. Oh no, sorry to hear about your husbands accident. I hope he has a fast recovery ( not only for him, but you too!!)

  9. So sorry to hear about your husbands accident. Hope he recovers quickly and isn't a grumpy bear like my husband when he's not 100% well. Love those butterfly's too.


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