Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just in time

Phew, that was a narrow escape (o:
Today being January 31st I shouldn’t wait any longer to start working on the January blocks for Sew-Euro-bee-an. I had to finish an important quilt first – I’m going to show you the photos as soon as “the cover of secrecy” is lifted (o;

Sew Euro-bee-an

So after I finished the secret quilt yesterday I started making the January blocks today. “X and + Blocks” for Nicole (aka Follow the white bunny). They were so much fun to make – and I would have been much quicker if I hadn’t sewn the + of Block A to the X of Block B. Enter seam ripper.

Here’s the happy end:

January Bee Block Sew-Euro-bee-an

I hope you like your blocks, Nicole. I am sure your finished quilt will be gorgeous! Thanks for being our bee-mama this month!

Thanks to all of you who inquired after our eldest who was doomed to take it slow after his pneumonia. He has fully recoverd by now and he and little bro work hard on their skills to “look dangerous”:


Are you frightened yet?!


  1. Argghhhh. Scarey! The blocks are really lovely - Nicole will love them

  2. Love the modern fabrics you used in your blocks they look great. Cute boys, sorry not dangerous to anything other then your heart strings! Happy quilting.

  3. Ahh.. Bless them.. Love the blocks..

  4. Aaawh cuties! Thank you so much for making the lovely x & plus blocks for me!


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